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Source: Alien Archive 3, pg(s). 94

Shatoris are a species of magic-wielding humanoids native to the Disaj system, a solar system controlled by the Azlanti Star Empire, which treats them as second-class citizens. Altered by the Boneyard's energies, they are biologically immortal but unable to reproduce.1


Shatoris are tall humanoids with glowing eyes and translucent flesh, under which their light-limned bones are visible.1


Before the Gap, shatoris built a utopian civilisation spanning multiple planets in the Disaj system. Their source of power was a wellspring of magic on their homeworld Perdane. When it dwindled, they searched the planes for a replacement, and as their search took them to Abaddon, an army of daemons followed and invaded Perdane. The daemons rampaged through and destroyed Perdane, forcing the shatoris to withdraw to Perdure to plan. Knowing that they were doomed, they opened a demiplane that would allow them to stay in stasis for centuries. However, the ritual was rushed, sending them to a pocket dimension connected to the Boneyard.1

When the spell ended, the shatoris found themselves changed by the Boneyard's energies. Having witnessed their civilisation utterly destroyed and their people driven near extinction and vulnerable to attrition, the shatoris found themselves gripped with despair. In order to put an end to the despondency that might finish the daemons' job, the wisest shatoris wrote the philosophy called the Shaban.1

By the time Triune revealed the Drift to the universe, the shatoris had expanded to the relatively pristine world of Prevail. They researched Drift travel but remained in their home system. When the Azlanti Star Empire came to the Disaj system, the shatoris willingly submitted to the Azlanti to prevent conflict.1


The shatoris' Shaban philosophy enshrines an impartial, tranquil culture, prioritising the objective over the subjective. It rejects materialism and deities, and recommends benevolent self-interest (including helping others), viewing the common good as an extension of personal welfare. Shatoris believe that they should choose a purpose and fulfil it to profit themselves and others. Inaction is seen as the greatest sin, a disgrace to the shatoris who were never allowed to be born.1

Since shatoris that die are irreversibly irreplaceable, they view death as catastrophic and seek to ensure the survival of personal knowledge and culture in case of death. They keep detailed records and are very forthcoming with sharing knowledge to others.1

Shatoris obediently serve the Azlanti Star Empire as a matter of survival. Most work as researchers and bureaucrats essential to the empire's stability and expansion. In these privileged positions, they seek to influence the empire's policy and future for the good of all.1

Due to their philosophy, fear of extinction and desire for remembrance, shatoris tend to be risk-averse and rarely leave the Star Empire while seeking to change their fate. A few, however, are bold enough to work against the Azlanti and travel the galaxy in search of answers and possibilities.1