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Oshessa, a morlamaw

By class level
Any aquatic (Arniselle)
Source: Sanctuary of Drowned Delight, pg(s). 21

Morlamaws are the aquatic walrus-like pre-spaceflight natives of the planet Arniselle.1


Morlamaws resemble walruses with exceptionally bright and borderline psychedelic skin tone that is often random and not strictly the result of genetics. Polychromatic morlamaws are considered a good omen for their family. They have a single large body flipper that allows them to swim with ease, but they are ponderous on land. Morlamaws also have two side flippers that can manipulate objects. All morlamaws possess whiskers of varying length and four long tusks, two on each side of the face. These tusks are often carved with individually important symbols or statements; morlamaws without these are thought to have not yet found their calling in life.1


Most morlamaws grew up in a city of coral and stone carved into the sides of deep ocean trenches. Traditional morlamaw society is orderly, and there is little deviation from routine tasks. Almost every facet of trench city life being defined by a line, whether for receiving meals, for entering and exiting a workplace, even for prayer.1

Some colonies exist closer to the small island continents, inhabited by morlamaws with a less rigid inclination who moved away from the cities and emerge from the sea to hunt surface animals.1

Morlamaws have never left their homeworld, but they enjoy learning about new places and new ideas. This is the reason that the morlamaws are amphibious: the first morlamaw explorers refused to be confined to the waters, and made repeated attempts to tame the dry land.1