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Teyonas, a gnome.

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Source: Core Rulebook, pg(s). 508
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Gnomes are a species of short-statured, fey-related humanoids who once lived on Golarion, but who have spread throughout the Pact Worlds system and beyond.1


Gnomes emigrated to Golarion long ago from the First World of the fey and have changed considerably from how they are described in pre-Gap records.1


Gnomes today fall into one of three ethnicities, one minor and two major. The two major ethnicities are the feychildren and the bleachlings, while the minor is those who have mixed ancestry, both bleachling and feychild. Despite their outward differences in coloring and personality, all ethnicities stand between three and three-and-a-half feet in height and weigh approximately 40 pounds on average. They generally have thin frames with large, almost child-like eyes and both share a passion for new experiences. They are a long-lived species, reaching adulthood at 40 and can live up to 500 years.1


Feychildren (sing. feychild) are easily identified by their brightly colored skin and hair. They remain closest to their First World heritage and are generally intensely mercurial and crave new experiences of any kind.1


Bleachlings are believed to be the descendants of gnomes who succumbed to the Bleaching that still threatens to drain the color and life out of feychildren today. Their skin and hair is shaded in muted tones of grey, black, brown, and white.1

Gnome magic

One way gnomes's connection to the First World is evidenced is by the fact that they are spontaneously capable of casting limited illusion spells.1


Both of the major gnome ethnicities rarely build lasting social structures amongst their kind, preferring to seek out new experiences and pursuits individually. Young feychild gnomes, however, will sometimes attach themselves to interesting friends of other species as a way of providing some protection against the apathy and madness of the Bleaching.


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