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Source: The Liberation of Locus-1, pg(s). 63
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Tromlins are a race of humanoids native to the planet Gjor III in the Gjor system, a vassal system of the Azlanti Star Empire.1


Tromlins form two distinct subspecies, the tromlin bloodseekers and the tromlin hardshells. Bloodseekers are reptilian and walk upright on two legs. Hardshells naturally walk on four legs.


Both subspecies of tromlin fiercely resisted conquest by the Azlantis. However, the two groups could not unite and were limited by their much lower level of technology, so they were eventually forced to surrender.


Tromlin bloodseekers take their name from their eagerness to kill and eat any creature too weak to fight them off. Hardshells are herbivores and do not approve of the meat eating of their rival subspecies. Partly due to this dichotomy, the two groups warred against each other for ages prior to the Azlanti conquest. The subspecies are both regularly drafted into the Azlanti Alien Cohort, although even there, they must be kept separate during combat operations lest violence break out.


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