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Altronus, iconic kasatha solarian.

Iconic character

Solarians are mystical melee combatants who harness stars and black holes to create weapons and armor from energy, and can manipulate these balanced, fundamentally opposing forces of energy and entropy.1234

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Solarians believe that the life cycle of stars, from their creation to the gravitational influences of their existence and their eventual destruction or inversion into black holes, represent two sides of a natural cycle of creation and destruction. A solarian can harness these forces and manifest them into physical forms that resemble armor and weaponry.

Some solarians practice this philosophy in organized training, while others stumble upon it through sudden revelations.4

In the Pact Worlds

Kasathas brought their solarian philosophy to the Pact Worlds when they arrived on the Idari nearly a century ago. As such, most solarians from the Pact Worlds system are kasathas.

In distant systems

Other solarian traditions exist, including traditions outside of the Pact Worlds with no relationship with Kasath.4


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