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Arthropods, philosopher worms, Hylax's mortal incarnation
Source: Core Rulebook, pg(s). 455
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Nchak is one of the most prominent and populated moons of Liavara.1 The moon is heavily populated, primarily by arthropods, and ruled by philosopher worms and the mortal incarnation of Hylax.1


Nchak is a rocky world with a thin atmosphere.2


For millennia, Nchak has been home to an insectile civilisation ruled by and worshipping the Forever Queen, who resides in the Forever Halls beneath its surface. When the shirrens first arrived in the pact Worlds system, it was revealed that she was a mortal incarnation of Hylax, turning Nchak into a religious and tourist mecca for many Hylaxians. Since then, numerous insectile immigrants have settled in Nchak, including shirrens, haans from Bretheda and other Hylax-worshipping species from elsewhere. Due to their heritage, Nchak's residents are far more aware of the Swarm threat than most Pact Worlds citizens, and fear that it is a particularly juicy target if the Swarm decides to come back to the system.23

Nchak and the Pact Worlds

Due to its status as the centre of Hylax's faith in the Pact Worlds system, Nchak was elevated to the status of protectorate in the Pact Worlds, independent of Liavara. Many Hylaxians feel that this status is insufficient, and have started to lobby the Pact Council for full membership.24


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