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Year of the Data Scourge

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Season 4 of the Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild campaign is referred to as the Year of the Data Scourge.


Players can choose to advance the agenda of a faction during each scenario and receive rewards as their reputation grows with each faction.1

Metaplot overview

A series of digital attacks unleashed simultaneously across the Pact Worlds throws the system’s status quo into chaos, leaving an opening for an army of unidentified robotic attackers to storm the Lorespire Complex on Absalom Station. Can the Starfinders defend their headquarters while navigating the technological pandemonium caused by this Data Scourge, discover who or what is behind these attacks, and stop them from destroying the Pact Worlds as we know it?2

Season 4 releases

This table can be sorted by scenario number, title, level range, scenario tags, briefing officer, notes, or location.

SFS# Title Levels Faction/tags Officer Notes/plot Location
4-01 Intro: Year of the Data Scourge 1-4 Repeatable, Metaplot (Data Scourge) Ehu Hadif Cross a malfunctioning Absalom Station to reach the Lorespire Complex.
Begins the Year of the Data Scourge metaplot.
Absalom Station
4-02 Settling Accounts 1-4 Acquisitives, Starship Radaszam Find a missing socialite on an uncharted planet. Tio Major
4-03 Battle for the Beacon 5-8 Starship, Metaplot (Data Scourge) Naiaj Repair a malfunctioning Drift beacon. The Drift
4-04 Mission Not Found 3-6 Faction (Dataphiles), Metaplot (Data Scourge) Celita Recruit a mysterious hacktivist. Verces
4-05 Waltz Through Myriad Worlds, AA Waltz Through Myriad Worlds 1-4 Quest, Repeatable, Starship Hilo Beruta Explore 4 alternate realities. Aucturn
4-06 Combatant's Concerto: Prelude to Revolution 3-6 none Arvin Stop a plot to attack a Veskarium gala. Grand Mezzanine, Vesk-6
4-07 Haven for Scourged Machines, AA Haven for Scourged Machines 7-10 Metaplot (Data Scourge), Second Seekers (Ehu Hadif) Ehu Hadif Explore the source of the Data Scourge robots. Sigiled Source
4-08 Precious Cargo 1-4 none - Locate and repair a malfunctioning freighter. The Vast
4-09 Through Sea and Storm 7-10 Starship - Explore a fallen storm giant sky city. Pholskar
4-10 The Way In 5-8 Metaplot, Starship, Exo-Guardians -
4-11 A World's Ambition 7-10 Metaplot Ehu Hadif
4-12 A Festive Operation 3-6 Repeatable Ehu Hadif Absalom Station
4-13 Hard Reset 1-4 Metaplot, Dataphiles
4-14 Rasheen's Remembrance 7-10 Acquisitives, Second Seekers Ehu Hadif
4-15 Feuding Faiths 5-8 Metaplot, Acquisitives, Dataphiles
4-16 Hope for the Future 5-8 Metaplot, Acquisitives, Dataphiles, Exo-Guardians, Second Seekers, Wayfinders Ehu Hadif Absalom Station
4-99 A Time of Crisis 1-6 Drift Crisis, Exclusive, Nova, Repeatable