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The End Awakens

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Starfinder Society Scenario #6-99: The End Awakens
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Book - Starfinder Society scenario
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PDF (Gen Con 2024)
August 1, 2024
PDF (Paizo Store release)
May 28, 2025

The End Awakens, a Starfinder Society special scenario written by Joseph Blomquist and Mike Kimmel for Tier 1-4, is expected to be made available for convention play after Gen Con 2024 on August 1–4, 2024, and released to the public on the Paizo Store on May 28, 2025.

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The Szandite Collective is an alliance of seven planets spread across four adjacent star systems in Near Space, and connected by a psychic network of szandite crystals. Although the Collective has consisted of seven planets for all of its post-Gap history, long ago, it once numbered eight, as the planet Krethiskar failed to reconnect following the Gap. With only an approximate idea of where the planet existed in relation to the rest of the Collective home worlds, Krethiskar is lost, and progress on its rediscovery is painfully slow.

Palivhar Chooser of Hues, a respected scholar, astronomer, and member of the Starfinder Society’s Forum, is a citizen of the Szandite Collective and has long sought the missing planet Krethiskar. After decades of sifting through psychic echoes stored within szandite crystals, leveraging potent divinations, and cross referencing the Starfinder Society’s vast galactic databases—all to meet with failure—Palivhar experienced a vivid, recurring dream of a voice, reaching across time and space, to guide them to Krethiskar. Following their dreams into the unexplored reaches of Near Space, Palivhar discovered the very planet that had eluded them for so long: Krethiskar.

Now, Palivhar leads an expedition of Starfinders to Krethiskar’s surface, to survey the planet, locate its szandite crystals, and determine what happened to the citizens of this lost collective. Unfortunately for the Starfinder Society, Krethiskar is a huskworld consumed by the voracious Swarm in ages past. Palivhar’s survey expedition is doomed to become a desperate fight for survival, as the hibernating Swarm awaken. Can you escape the planet alive?

Scenario overview

  • Exclusive
  • Nova
  • Repeatable

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