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StarfinderWiki is written from several points of view (POV).


StarfinderWiki's primary point of view is that of a character inside the fictional Starfinder Chronicles campaign setting – an archivist in the Starfinder Society.

Starfinder Chronicles campaign setting articles should be written as if the described person, object, or event actually existed or occurred, exactly like in a normal encyclopedia, but with an omniscient writer. Think of StarfinderWiki as an encyclopedia that exists in the Starfinder universe.


Seoni is a Varisian sorcerer noted for her arcane abilities and sexy body art.

Instead of:

Seoni is Paizo's iconic sorcerer and appeared on the cover of Starfinder 2: The Skinsaw Murders

Citing sources and background information

Due to its nature, background information, apocrypha, and citations of the sources used naturally occurs outside the POV.

Background information and apocrypha is considered to fall under the "real world" POV and, as such, should be restricted to the appropriate sections. In general, this sort of information is not applicable on in-universe articles. See the Manual of style for more information.

See Citing sources for information on how to cite your sources.

Undisclosed information

In some cases information appears in Starfinder products which is made clear to be highly esoteric, or entirely unknown due to the passage of time. While in theory these things are not known to anyone within the Starfinder universe, StarfinderWiki's POV is all-knowing, just like a Game Master or reader of Starfinder fiction.

Conflicts in valid resources

If there are subjects that have conflicting references in official Starfinder sources, simply add all the given information, and optionally add a background note explaining that there is a conflict.

Similarly, if two subjects have very similar names, that conceivably could have been meant to be the same, create both articles and hint at the similarity in background notes.

Citable clarification from Paizo editorial staff (and only Paizo editorial staff) can be used to clarify any discrepancies, but citations to non-canon errata and/or expansion of confusing topics must be included to verify it's validity.

Publication point of view

The publication or "real world" point of view applies to articles about the Starfinder franchise and publication (eg. articles on books, adventures, series, authors, artists, organized play, etc.), which naturally are not part of the Starfinder campaign setting itself.

All such articles should have the realworld {{badges|badges}} template at the top. Tense should be the same as a standard encyclopedia in the present day.

Some examples of how tense should be used for production articles:

Mike McArtor was a Paizo staff member until June 2008.
Starfinder Society Organized Play is an ongoing organized play campaign set in the Starfinder Chronicles campaign setting.

Meta pages

Articles concerning the functioning of StarfinderWiki fall outside of either point of view. These include the Main Page, portals, pages in "StarfinderWiki:", "Template:", "Help:" and "User:" namespaces, and all talk pages.

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