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Mission Not Found

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Starfinder Society Scenario #4-04: Mission Not Found
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Mission Not Found, a Starfinder Society scenario written by Rigby Bendele for Tier 3-6, was released on July 28, 2021.

At the request of the Dataphiles faction leader, a team of Starfinders travels to Verces to recruit a mysterious hacktivist who has attempted to contact the Society on multiple occasions, hoping that their expertise can help solve the mystery surrounding the ongoing Data Scourge digital attacks. Another wave of digital interference forces the PCs' ship to crash-land on the planet's dangerous Darkside. The PCs trek across an inhospitable, frozen landscape toward civilization, hoping there's still time to complete their mission…

Scenario overview

  • Metaplot (Data Scourge)

Map support

The following map products are used in this scenario: