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Into the Perplexity: The First Trial

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Into the Perplexity: The First Trial, a Starfinder Society special scenario written by Thurston Hillman for Tier 3-6, was released on November 18, 2020 to Starfinder Society GMs who have earned at least 4 Novas.

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Of the many buildings that make up sprawling campus of the Lorespire Complex, the Starfinder Society's central base of operations, none is more mysterious than the squat metal bunker that agents call the Perplexity. Its heavy starmetal doors cannot be bypassed by physical or magical means, but once each year, they swing open of their own accord, remaining open for a single day. The Perplexity's creator, a former First Seeker, claimed it was built to serve as a proving ground for the next generation of Starfinder agents, but the perilous enigma never served this purpose. Of the groups who have braved its depths since, the few who have survived to tell the tale have kept the knowledge of what they saw closely guarded, telling only the First Seeker of what they experienced. Are you brave enough to uncover the secrets of the Perplexity? This special adventure can be run only by Starfinder Society GMs who have earned at least 4 Novas, and it cannot be replayed. In this scenario, the PCs' actions have consequences to their characters that run deeper than what is typically possible in Starfinder Society play. Players may choose to play this scenario for no credit to experience the story without these lasting consequences. To preserve the novelty of the experience for those who have not yet played, please refrain from discussing the contents of this scenario with anyone who has not played or GMed it before.

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