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Fragment of the 4th

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Starfinder Society Scenario #5-04: Fragment of the 4th
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Fragment of the 4th, a Starfinder Society scenario written by Isis Wozniakowska for Tier 9-12, was released on June 29, 2022.

In the aftermath of the Drift Crash, the Starfinder Society dispatches their flagship, Master of Stars, to trawl the distant corners of Pact Worlds space for signs of stranded people, derelict starships, and dangerous planar matter ejected from the Drift. When a starship familiar to the Society, the Triunite vessel the Chronicler, is discovered immobile and powerless, Fitch sends a team of Starfinders to investigate. But this routine rescue mission will lead them far beyond the corridors of the Chronicler, to an annexed Drift beacon and the metaphorical doorstep of the mysterious "4th."

Scenario overview

  • Nova
  • Starship

Map support

The following map products are used in this scenario: