Secrets in Stillness

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Starfinder Society Scenario #3-18:
Secrets in Stillness
Secrets in Stillness
Author(s) Joseph Blomquist
Publisher Paizo Inc.
Price PDF: $5.99
Released February 24, 2021
Type Starfinder Society scenario
Binding PDF
Rules set SFRPG
Series Starfinder Society
Year of Exploration's Edge
Follows Clone Batch Catastrophe
Precedes Rat's Repentance
Artwork from Secrets in Stillness

Secrets in Stillness, a Starfinder Society scenario written by Joseph Blomquist for Tier 3-6, was released on February 24, 2021.

After the tragic loss of one of his proteges, Radaszam the Dealmaker calls in a favor from some of his most trustworthy contacts. The Starfinders travel to Idari, the kasathan worldship, to investigate the mysterious death. There, the Starfinders follow a bloody trail left by a clever killer and, if they aren't careful, risk becoming this enigmatic predator's next prey.

Scenario overview

  • 3rd
  • 4th
  • 5th
  • 6th
  • Location(s)
  • the Idari
  • Faction(s)
  • Acquisitives
  • Map support

    The following map products are used in this scenario: