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Year of Exploration's Edge

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Season 3 of the Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild campaign is referred to as the Year of Exploration's Edge.


Players can choose to advance the agenda of a faction during each scenario and receive rewards as their reputation grows with each faction.1

Metaplot overview

Rather than a single overarching metaplot as with the two previous years of Starfinder Society scenarios, the Year of Exploration's Edge features three separate storyline arcs. Scenarios in each arc are not written to be played in any particular order; they are linked thematically rather than ordered numerically.2

  • Frozen Ambitions (levels 1-6): focuses on Near Space
  • The Vast Experiment (levels 5-10): focuses on the Vast
  • Fleeting Truth (levels 9-14): focuses on the Pact Worlds system

Season 3 releases

This table can be sorted by scenario number, metaplot arc, title, level tier, scenario tags, briefing officer, notes/plot, or location.

SFS# Metaplot Arc Title Tier Faction/tags Officer Notes/plot Location
3-01 - Crash Down 1-4 Survival Arvin Survive after a starship crash Iski
3-02 - Subterranean Safari, TheThe Subterranean Safari 3-6 Acquisitives Radaszam Help a vesk officer hunt a stridermander Vesk-3
3-03 Frozen Ambitions Shimmerstone Gateway, TheThe Shimmerstone Gateway 1-4 Second Seekers (Ehu Hadif) Ehu Hadif Explore a mysterious portal Vesk-8
3-04 Vast Experiment, TheThe Vast Experiment Falling into Deliverance 5-8 Dataphiles, Wayfinders Ehu Hadif Rescue the crew of a research station Wehemothal
3-05 - Hivemarket Heist, TheThe Hivemarket Heist 1-4 Starship Arvin Recover stolen shobhad relics Akiton
3-06 - Rise of the Vault Lord 7-10 - Kunoris Vex Stop a simulation vault invasion Salvation's End
3-07 - Strike at Zone 78 3-6 Exo-Guardians, Vehicle Zigvigix Reactivate a silenced listening post Tabrid Minor
3-08 Fleeting Truth Darkside Depository, TheThe Darkside Depository 9-12 - Guidance Retrieve explosive data fragment (1 of 3) Verces
3-09 Frozen Ambitions Freeing the Herd 1-4 Second Seekers (Ehu Hadif) Ehu Hadif Assist a retired Starfinder in distress Zrulik-3
3-10 - Live Adventure Extreme! 5-8 Repeatable, Starship Naiaj Compete in a series of battles for Zo! Bretheda
3-11 - Into the Veskarium 3-6 Quest, Repeatable, Starship Naiaj Explore the Veskarium in four quests The Veskarium
3-12 Vast Experiment, TheThe Vast Experiment First Flight 5-8 Starship Chiskisk Fly a prototype starship Aballon, Chaulara
3-13 - Silence at Outpost 634 1-4 - Arvin Investigate a missing research team Mentras system
3-14 Fleeting Truth Hollow Lies 9-12 - Guidance Retrieve explosive data fragment (2 of 3) Eox
3-15 Frozen Ambitions Preluria Connection, TheThe Preluria Connection 1-4 Second Seekers (Ehu Hadif), Vehicle Ehu Hadif Find a missing agent Preluria
3-16 Vast Experiment, TheThe Vast Experiment Fast Choices 5-8 Starship Naiaj Select a manufacturing partner Verces
3-17 - Clone Batch Catastrophe 1-4 - Kunoris Vex Confront a vault full of clones Salvation's End
3-18 - Secrets in Stillness 3-6 Acquisitives Radaszam Investigate a protege's death The Idari
3-19 - Rat's Repentance 1-4 Quest, Repeatable, Vehicle Datch3 Retrieve data to prevent Datch's final scheme Embroi, Nemenar,
Pabaq, Varturan
3-20 Fleeting Truth Everchanging Revelation 11-14 Nova Guidance Retrieve explosive data fragment (3 of 3) Aucturn
3-21 Frozen Ambitions Renewal's Blight 3-6 Second Seekers (Ehu Hadif) Ehu Hadif Uncover the chemical labs' funder Ghorus Prime
3-22 Vast Experiment, TheThe Vast Experiment Dancing at the Edge 7-10 Exo-Guardians, Wayfinders, Starship Fitch, Zigvigix Investigate non-functioning Drift beacons Siygess-4
3-99 - Perils of the Past 1-8 Nova - Explore frozen ruins and temporal anomalies.
Ties to PFS2 #3-99: Fate in the Future.


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