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Source: Starfinder Pact Worlds, pg(s). 94
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Zo! is an eccentric elebrian media mogul and the most well known promoter of events within the Halls of the Living in Eox. A flamboyant and charismatic host, Zo!'s antics draw in as much of an audience as the games and blood sports he introduces. Zo! occasionally personally recruits new contestants or to host special transmissions in the less reputable areas of the Pact Worlds system and Near Space. The main reason behind his phenomenal ratings is perhaps his presentation of a different face of undead than most people are familiar with.12


Zo! has the characteristic appearance of an undead elebrian: an elegant build with refined features and an extended cranium. His face bears a permanent rictus grin.1


Always looking for an idea for a new show, strategies to improve his ratings, or other lucrative entertainment deals, Zo! has tremendous pride in his media empire, and is almost constantly talking about his productions or means to achieve better ratings. He is quite satisfied with undeath, though he relishes luxury and fancies himself a connoisseur of finery he can't experience on his own.1


Zo! is thought to have existed as undead since before the Gap. Immediately after the Gap, he founded a media empire that specialises in reality broadcasts, which have earned him system-wide fame and fortune; since then, he's been approaching the milestone of a million confirmed hours of camera time. Around 298 AG, he left his critically acclaimed show, The Necromancer, which ran for almost 2 centuries worth of seasons.1