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Year of Era's End

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Season 7 of the Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild campaign is referred to as the Year of Era's End.

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Season 7 releases

This table can be sorted by scenario number, title, level range, scenario tags, briefing officer, notes, or location.

SFS# Title Levels Faction/Tags Officer Notes/Plot Location
7-01 Intro: Year of Era's End 1-4 Repeatable, Metaplot, Second Seekers (Sarmak), Metaplot Sarmak Era's End Aballon
7-02 Zo! vs. Zo 3-6 Acquisitives Triaxus
7-03 Aucturn Asunder 7-10 Exo-Guardians, Starship Aucturn
7-04 Inheritors of Gadrathar 5-8 Advocates Tabrid Minor