Tabori Cluster

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Tabori Cluster

Source: Core Rulebook, pg(s). 469

The Tabori Cluster is a nebula in the Vast that was created by the collapse of the red supergiant star Bori some 6000 years ago.1


The Tabori Cluster hosts five stars: Deepwater, Ixo, Jordan's World, Veran, and Vodorae, each orbited by several planets. These planets were seeded with rich siccatite deposits, a valuable metal that is rare in most parts of the galaxy, from the creation of the nebula, which remains electrically active and inhibits communication and navigation.1


River-choked Deepwater Prime and Pan, the only planet orbiting Ixo, are filled with ruins of ancient civilisations. The habitable zones of each system are filled with colonies, both inhabited and abandoned, founded by prospectors or survivors of starships whose engines were destroyed by the nebula, but no world or system is populated or cohesive enough to qualify as a political entity. Some few people even willingly settle within the Tabori Cluster, in search of an isolated life without advanced technology.1


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