Yesteryear's Sorrow

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Starfinder Society Scenario #1-21:
Yesteryear's Sorrow
Yesteryear's Sorrow
Author(s) Jason Keeley
Publisher Paizo Inc.
Price PDF: $5.99
Released August 29, 2018
Type Starfinder Society scenario
Binding PDF
Rules set SFRPG
Series Starfinder Society
Year of Scoured Stars
Follows Duskmire Accord 9
Precedes The Protectorate Petition
Artwork from Yesteryear's Sorrow

Yesteryear's Sorrow, a Starfinder Society scenario written by Jason Keeley for Tier 3-6, was released on August 29, 2018.

The Exo-Guardians' leader, Zigvigix, has been forced by recent events to reevaluate the Society's arsenal of weapons. They order a new exploration mission to the irradiated nuclear wasteland world of Elytrio, homeworld of the beetle-like ghibrani species. Far from the homes of the surviving ghibranis, the PCs travel into a missile silo that contributed to the death of a world. What deadly weapons can the PCs find and what further concealed truths are there to uncover about the history of the ghibranis?

Content in Yesteryear's Sorrow is a continuation of the Starfinder Society scenario, Starfinder Society #1-03: Yesteryear's Truth, however, playing this previous scenario is not required.

Scenario overview

  • 3rd
  • 4th
  • 5th
  • 6th
  • Location(s)
  • Elytrio
  • Faction(s)
  • Exo-Guardians
  • Scenarios in this storyline include:

    Map support

    This scenario uses two custom maps.