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Year length (PST)
202 days
Day length (PST)
22 hours
Source: The Reach of Empire, pg(s). 62

Nakondis is the second planet in the Nakon system, a temperate world covered in forests and an electrified mist. It is the site of an AbadarCorp colony called Madelon's Landing, as well as the crash site of a pre-Gap Azlanti Star Empire starship carrying an experimental interstellar drive.1


Deciduous forests cover most of Nakondis, except near the equator, where tall grasses are the dominant plants. Low mountain ranges crisscross the planet, but none rises far above the tree line. There are no oceans on the surface, but immense cold ionised seas exist within the lithosphere. The water from these seas is drawn through the soil by the heat from the close sun, resulting in a pervasive, electrified fog across the planet. This fog shields the surface from solar heat and radiation, and the electrical charge is only sufficient to harm creatures and damage electronics when the fog is thick. In low-lying areas, the mist congeals into a soupy morass through which storms of thick fog and dangerous lightning crackle.1



Before the advent of Drift travel, the Royal Venture, an Azlanti Star Empire ship installed with the rune drive, an experimental technomagical interstellar drive, crashed on Nakondis.2

In 317 AG, after AbadarCorp surveyors detected a variant of tin that carried an electrical charge particularly well, colonists from the Pact Worlds system arrived and established Madelon's Landing. After a month, a handful of colonists established Dalesko nearby, but all of them mysteriously vanished without a trace.3

Shortly after, a probe of the Star Empire's Imperial Vanguard Scout Corps accidentally crash-landed on Nakondis, but still managed to identify both Madelon's Landing and an exceptional aeon stone and transmit the data back to the IVSC before it was destroyed. Zolan Ulivestra, an Azlanti noble and IVSC officer who has been searching for the rune drive, became convinced that he has found his target and dispatched the Voidsweeper Barazad to investigate; meanwhile, the Pact Worlds colonists also investigated the crash site of the IVSC probe and found the wreck of the Royal Venture.2

When the Barazad arrived and discovered that the settlement identified by the drone was not an Azlanti colony but a Pact Worlds one, the most senior Aeon Guard officer on-board, Lieutenant Sharu, took command of the AG cadets on the ship, invaded and quickly took over Madelon's Landing.2


The fauna of Nakondis are primarily birds, insects and small arboreal mammals. They adapt to the electrified fog by either being immune to electricity or capable of detecting whenever the electrical charge becomes dangerous to flee. The latter creatures usually flee from explorers as well, due to the charge of common batteries. Some of the largest and most annoying creatures on Nakondis are the simian hobgars.1


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