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Terrestrial planet
Year length (PST)
2 years
Day length (PST)
20 hours
Source: Core Rulebook, pg(s). 466

Lothun is a planet in the Vast where terraforming experiments have run amok and can dangerously transform sections of the surface seemingly at random.1


The planet is a rocky, mineral-rich world with a toxic atmosphere, a tiny, fragile ecosystem, and no sentient life. It has large pockets of breathable atmosphere scattered seemingly randomly across the planet and is wracked by nano-storms from its malfunctioning terraforming facilities.1


Until quite recently, Lothun was unremarkable except for the high concentrations of various metals on its surface. A consortium of miners known as Prospectors decided that it would be a perfect place to conduct terraforming experiments that could potentially yield massive financial profits for them. As a result they built gigantic nano-forges and laboratories on the surface to conduct and monitor these terraforming experiments and housed scientists there to staff them. Each of these facilities was carefully shielded to protect the people living and working there from the planet's harsh environment. The terraforming activity of each of the facilities was then linked to produce coordinated "pulses" that would achieve the desired environmental results across the planet.1

The scientists in the facilities eventually lost control of the technology, with the "pulses" randomly terraforming the planet via nano-forge storms. All communication with the staff on the surface was lost even though the shielded bases seemed to remain intact.1

Lothun today

If the terraforming process could be brought under control, Lothun could still be source of valuable mineral resources for future colonies across the Vast. Alternately, if the malfunction of the terraforming technology could somehow be replicated, it could be used a weapon that could threaten an entire planet.1


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