Skyfire Legion

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Skyfire Legion
Type Coalition of elite mercenaries
Headquarters Skyfire Mandate, Triaxus

Source: Core Rulebook, pg(s). 472
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The Skyfire Legion, historically known as the Dragon Legion, is a coalition of Triaxian elite mercenary groups that governs the Skyfire Mandate and offers protection to groups operating outside of the Pact Worlds jurisdiction.[1][2]


The Skyfire Legion has an unusually heroic code for a mercenary group, and only offers their services to non-evil ventures like Pact Worlds colonies or Starfinder Society expeditions beyond the legal reach of the Stewards.[3]


The Dragon Legion originated before the Gap, and served to protect the Skyfire Mandate from the evil dragons of the Drakelands. After the Absalom Pact was signed, the dragons were forced to ramp back their cruelty, and in the wake of this peace, the Dragon Legion rebranded itself as the Skyfire Legion and found its new purpose.[4]


Ryphorians make up the majority of Skyfire legionnaires, but membership is open to all species, and many androids, humans, lashuntas and vesk. Many of them form a mystical bond with dragonkin, and the best Skyfire starships are piloted by two legionnaires: a humanoid and their bonded dragonkin, reflecting the ancient tradition of ryphorians riding bonded dragonkin into combat.[1][5]


As a whole, the Skyfire Legion governs the Mandate, controls errant mercenaries and rogue agents, and serves as a central hub for mercenary jobs. Since the discovery of the Drift, many legionnaires have taken jobs across the galaxy, further setting them apart from the neighbouring Allied Territories.[2]


A few discharged and disgruntled Skyfire legionnaires, colloquially dubbed the Rogue Legion, seek to overthrow the Legion's leaders and replace it with their own cruel, authoritarian, profitable brand of leadership. It is unknown how much support they have or their chances of success, but if they do, the Skyfire Legion's operations would be thrown into chaos, putting their clients into jeopardy.[6]


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