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Android Abolitionist Front

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Android Abolitionist Front
Symbol of the Android Abolitionist Front

Syntethic freedom fighters
Eradication of android slavery
Independent cells
Source: Core Rulebook, pg(s). 474

The Android Abolitionist Front (AAF) is a group dedicated to the eradication of android slavery and general exploitation in the Pact Worlds.1


Even though androids have been recognized as free citizens in the Pact Worlds system since 154 AG,2 this does not mean that their exploitation has completely ceased. The AAF is dedicated to ending all forms of such exploitation (including trafficking and slavery), but its members have no particular creed other than this shared goal. Some seek to achieve their goal peacefully, others have no qualms about killing innocents. Some only care about slavery, while others wish to eradicate all prejudice as well. The small, radical Perceptionist faction argues that if it is impossible to distinguish intelligent machines from those carrying out advanced programming, they must be accorded the same rights as an intelligent creature. This is in contrast to the general Pact Worlds view that souls mark the difference between people (like anacites and androids) and property. The Perceptionists insist legally owned robots and artificial intelligences must be violetnly "liberated", which causes significant damage to the AAF's reputation.1


Originally founded by androids, the AAF has incorporated members of other species as well, as its anti-slavery activities also benefit other oppressed peoples. Inducted agents often identify themselves via magical encryption tattoos that are only visible when activated by a code word, then authenticate others against an anonymous agent database.1


The AAF is divided into cells whose members know the identities of only a few others. Its leader is Ex Novo, a shadowy council of unknown membership that is rumored to be made up of mostly androids and a sentient AI. Ex Novo coordinates the AAF's actions, chooses its targets, and pretends to be pirates broadcasting the AAF's manifesto, ensuring the general public's sympathy.13


The AAF's secret headquarters is Chainbreaker One, an asteroid hidden inside the Diaspora using sophisticated stealth technology, and where Ex Novo and their android and robot guards and mechanics reside. Only the most trusted agents are allowed to know Chainbreaker One's exact coordinates.3


It is widely believed that the AAF has a working relationship with the Stewards or has a member on the Pact Council.1