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Symbol of the Hellknights

Varies by order
Varies by order, but primarily maintaining order
Military hierarchy
Source: Core Rulebook, pg(s). 477
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The Hellknights are a collection of knightly orders that uniquely focus on the promulgation of their brand of law and order. They draw inspiration from the laws and rules of Hell advanced by the god Asmodeus. Though not necessarily evil, Hellknights see things only in black and white, right and wrong, and desire the imposition of law above all else. They have few compunctions about killing and destroying others if it serves to eradicate lawlessness and chaos. Unlike most military organizations, Hellknights have no interest in conquest or power, but are zealots who ignore borders to destroy piracy, stamp out rebellions, and impose rules upon the wilderness. This makes them popular mercenaries, although they only will work for those who have a legitimate mandate to govern or who are working to end civil disorder.1


There are seven major orders of Hellknights active in the Pact Worlds system, each of which has a specific mandate. Each also has signature armor, weapons, fighting techniques, starships, and mobile citadel war stations. Some orders date back to pre-Gap Golarion and survived the planet's erasure when they correctly predicted its fate and retreated to deep space or other planes before they fell victim to it. Others began on distant planets or planes and were recently called back to the Pact Worlds.1

Pre-Gap orders

Newer orders


To ensure that only the strongest can become a Hellknight, recruits are highly trained and must defeat a creature from Hell in single combat before being accepted into an order.1


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