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Symbol of the Hellknights
Type Fanatical military order
Leader Varies by order
Headquarters Citadel per order
Goals Varies by order, but primarily maintaining order
Scope Pact Worlds system
Structure Military hierarchy
Members Hellknights
Images of Hellknights

Source: Core Rulebook, pg(s). 477
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The Hellknights are a collection of knightly orders with a unique focus on the promulgation of law by way of Hellish hierarchy. Though not inherently evil, Hellknights have few compunctions about killing and destroying others in the name of the law.[1]

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To ensure that only the steeliest people can become a Hellknight, recruits must each defeat a creature from Hell in single combat.[1]

Major orders

There are seven major orders of Hellknights active in the Pact Worlds system, some of which date back to pre-Gap Golarion, and others from distant planets or planes called back to the Pact Worlds.[1]

Pre-Gap orders

Other orders

Each order has signature armor, weapons, fighting techniques, starships, and mobile citadel war stations.[1]


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