Knights of Golarion

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Knights of Golarion
Symbol of the Knights of Golarion
Type Crusader Army
Leader Knight-General Halaina Lymikin
Headquarters Flagship Sword of Valor
Goals Promoting Justice and Righteousness, Spreading Iomedae's Morality
Scope Pact Worlds system
Structure Military hierarchy
Images of Knights of Golarion

Source: Core Rulebook, pg(s). 478

The Knights of Golarion are a military organization with strong ties to the Pact Worlds, the church of Iomedae, and the children of the missing planet Golarion.[1] They are dedicated to promoting justice and righteousness in all its forms, spreading their goddess-granted understanding of morality throughout the Pact Worlds and beyond.


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The Knights of Golarion mix military structure and ranks with older ideas of knights-errant and feudal lords. Rank-and-file soldiers operate under the command of officer-knights, with knight-lieutenants and higher ranks sometimes assigned to "errant duty", in which Knights are trusted to seek out injustice and deal with it.[1] Though worship of Iomedae is not a requirement for membership, all Knights take a sacred vow to uphold the Code of the Inheritor, a 10-part oath requiring courage, fair treatment of prisoners, honor, and temperance in action.[1]

Relationship with Church of Iomedae

The Knights of Golarion work closely with the church of Iomedae, though they're careful to maintain a distinction between the Knights and the official church hierarchy.[1] The Knights see Iomedae as the patron of humanity and the other refugee races of Golarion.


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