Knights of Golarion

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Knights of Golarion
Symbol of the Knights of Golarion

Promoting Justice and Righteousness, Spreading Iomedae's Morality
Military hierarchy
Source: Core Rulebook, pg(s). 478

The Knights of Golarion are a military organization who are closely connected to the Pact Worlds government, the church of the goddess Iomedae (who is often referred to as the Inheritor), and the descendants of the missing planet Golarion. Even though personal worship of Iomedae is not required to be a member of the Knights, they all take vows to live by Iomedae's Code of the Inheritor. The Knights of Golarion strive to bring their patron goddess' version of law and order to the Pact Worlds system and beyond, supported by a fleet of powerful Avenger-Class cathedralships.1

Code of the Inheritor

All Knights of Golarion swear a 10-part oath that requires them live by Iomedae's code. They must always embody courage, honor, temperance in action, and treat any prisoners fairly and with dignity. They must also strive to act with military camaraderie toward their fellow knights and accept death before dishonor. They never deal kindly with inherently evil creatures such as demons. While they deeply value law and order, they feel justified in sometimes ignoring local laws that conflict with or do not live up to the high standards of the Code of the Inheritor, and harshly persecute those who twist laws to persecute the innocent.1


The Knights' organizational structure is military mixed with archaic concepts of knights-errant and feudal lords. Rank-and-file soldiers fight under the command of officer-knights including the rank of knight-lieutenants, and knight-officers are sometimes given "errant duty" to combat injustice on their own or with the help of allies.1


The Knights of Golarion are supported by tithes that come from colonies, corporations, and other organizations whom they have defended in the past. These tithes are freely given gifts and non-contractual.1 They are also funded by the Church of Iomedae.2


The Knights of Golarion have been pivotal in defending the Pact Worlds system from outside aggressors numerous times. Nevertheless, their righteous, some might say "holier than thou" views on law and morality have caused law enforcement agencies such as the Stewards to steer them towards apolitical problems such as demonic incursions or attacks by the Corpse Fleet.1

Church of Iomedae

While the Knights of Golarion work closely with the Church of Iomedae, they maintain their independence from it. This gives them the ability to quickly deal with emergent threats without bringing the ecclesiastical hierarchy into their decision-making.1


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