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A cybernetic arm can be an augmentation.
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An augmentation is a permanent modification of a part of the body, whether through science, technology, magic, a combination of those three, or by other means. Augmentations most often take the form of cybernetic or biotechnological enhancements, and less frequently through fusions with magic (such as necrografts) or pure magic alone.1

Implantation & removal

Installing a new augmentation is a complex and often expensive procedure that must be performed by a qualified cybernetic surgeon or other medical professional. Removing an augmentation, often to replace it with a differnt one, is similarly complex. Biotech can generally shut off an old augmentation while the new one is being integrated. As augmentations are coded to the user, it is impossible for someone else to use it after removal.2

Cybernetic augmentation

A cybernetic augmentation is an integration of technology with the flesh and bone of the person into which it is installed.2

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