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Jessica Catalan

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Jessica Catalan

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Organized Play Line Developer (2021–Present)
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Jessica Catalan is a freelance games writer and designer whose works have been published by Paizo Inc. for both the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Click this link to see if this article exists on PathfinderWiki. and Starfinder Roleplaying Game, Paizo Fans United, Rusted Iron Games, and Sunburst Games. She also won Paizo's "Evil Iconics Design Challenge" in 2016.12

In late 2021, Catalan joined Paizo's organized play team as a developer.3

Starfinder Credits

Adventure Credits

Title Date Notes
Withering World, TheThe Withering World 1908 August 2019 SFS #02-03
Infernal Galaxy, TheThe Infernal Gallery 2001 January 2020 SFS #02-15
Subterranean Safari, TheThe Subterranean Safari 2006 June 2020 SFS #03-02
Hollow Lies 2012 December 2020 SFS #03-14
The Gilded Cage 2107 July 2021 Fly Free or Die #6. Also wrote "Smuggler's Moon," "Starship: Risen," and contributed to the Alien Archives for the volume.
Through Sea and Storm 2109 September 2021 SFS #04-09
Elven Diaspora, The"The Elven Diaspora" 2111 November 2021 Whispers of the Eclipse, 38.
Redshift Rally 2207 July 2022
Adventure Toolbox 48"Adventure Toolbox" #48 2210 October 2022 Masters of Time and Space, 46. Drift Crashers #3
Light in the Dark, AA Light in the Dark 2212 December 2022 Drift Hackers #1. Also write "Starship: ATech Vector" and contributed to the Adventure Toolbox for the volume.
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Sourcebook Credits

Title Date Notes
Starship Operations Manual 2007 July 2020
Alien Archive 4 2012 December 2020
Galaxy Exploration Manual 2106 June 2021
Tech Revolution 2109 September 2021
Galactic Magic 2201 January 2022
Drift Crisis 2205 May 2022
Interstellar Species 2211 November 2022
Ports of Call 2305 May 2023
Starfinder Enhanced 2310 October 2023
Second Edition Playtest Rulebook 2408 August 2024
See also: Category:Works by Jessica Catalan

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