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Alison Cybe

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Alison Cybe

Freelance writer
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Alison Cybe is a freelance writer who has contributed to Paizo Inc.

Starfinder Credits

Adventure Credits

Title Date Notes
Into the Veskarium 2011 November 2020 SFS #03-11
Settling Accounts 2106 June 2021 SFS #04-02
Fugue of the Traitor 2206 June 2022 SFS #05-03
Adventure Toolbox #49"Adventure Toolbox" #49 2212 December 2022 A Light in the Dark, 44. Drift Hackers #1
Adventure Toolbox 50"Adventure Toolbox" #50 2302 February 2023 Clockwork Demons, 48. Drift Hackers #2
Continuing the Adventure 51"Continuing the Adventure" 2304 April 2023 Into the Dataverse, 40. Drift Hackers #3
The Death of Kortus IV 2311 November 2023 SFS #06-10
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Sourcebook Credits

Title Date Notes
Drift Crisis 2205 May 2022
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Fiction Credits

Title Date Notes
Firsthand Experience"Firsthand Experience" 2108 August 2021 Iconic Encounters. Link
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