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F. Wesley Schneider

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F. Wesley Schneider

December 11, 1980
Seattle, WA
Dragon Assistant Editor (2003–2005)
Dragon Associate Editor (2005–2007)
Pathfinder Associate Editor (2007)
Managing Editor (2007–2012)
Editor-in-Chief (2012–2017)
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F. Wesley Schneider is among the most prolific contributors to the Pathfinder campaign setting, and was instrumental in the setting's creation. Over the years, he has held a number of positions in the RPG publishing world, ranging from author of numerous articles in Dungeon and Dragon to serving as assistant editor of Dragon beginning in November 2003.1 He formerly served as managing editor of the Pathfinder line of products by Paizo Inc., and was promoted to Editor-in-Chief in May 2012. He left Paizo to pursue other opportunities on May 19, 2017.2

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Core Rulebook 1708 August 2017
Alien Archive 1710 October 2017
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