Victor Manuel Leza Moreno

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Victor Manuel Leza Moreno
Hometown Logroño, Spain
Position Freelance artist

Victor Manuel Leza Moreno is a freelance artist and illustrator from Logroño, Spain who has worked on numerous titles for Paizo Inc..

Starfinder Credits

Art Credits

Title Date Notes
Core Rulebook 1708 August 2017
Incident at Absalom Station 1708 August 2017 Dead Suns #1
Temple of the Twelve 1710 October 2017 Dead Suns #2
Splintered Worlds 1712 December 2017 Dead Suns #3
Pact Worlds 1803 March 2018
Thirteenth Gate, TheThe Thirteenth Gate 1804 April 2018 Dead Suns #5
Reach of Empire, TheThe Reach of Empire 1808 August 2018 Against the Aeon Throne #1
Alien Archive 2 1810 October 2018
Survivor's Salvation 1901 January 2019 SFS #01-30
Fire Starters 1902 February 2019 Dawn of Flame #1
Game Master's Guide"Game Master's Guide" 1904 April 2019 Beginner Box.
Hero's Handbook"Hero's Handbook" 1904 April 2019 Beginner Box.
Alien Archive 4 2012 December 2020
Galaxy Exploration Manual 2106 June 2021
Galactic Magic 2201 January 2022
Allies Against the Eye 2203 March 2022 Horizons of the Vast #5
Drift Crisis 2205 May 2022
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See also: Category:Artwork by Victor Manuel Leza Moreno