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Drift Crisis

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This article is about the Starfinder Roleplaying Game rulebook. For the in-world event, see Drift Crash.

Drift Crisis, a hardcover Starfinder Roleplaying Game sourcebook by Kate Baker, Rigby Bendele, Jessica Catalan, John Compton, John Curtin, Alison Cybe, Leo Glass, John Godek, Sen.H.H.S., Joan Hong, Jenny Jarzabski, Jason Keeley, Joshua Kim, Mike Kimmel, Ron Lundeen, Dennis Muldoon, Emily Parks, Samantha Phelan, Mikhail Rekun, James Rodehaver, Solomon St. John, Paul Scofield, Shay Snow, Kendra Leigh Speedling, Jason Tondro, and Andrew White, was released on May 25, 2022.

Cosmic CatastropheHyperspace is broken! In a catastrophic instant, commonplace faster-than-light travel, made possible by the Drift, fails. Travelers vanish midflight, communications scramble, and the Drift's progenitor god Triune falls mysteriously silent. In the aftermath, empires cling to far-flung holdings, opportunists exploit the chaos, and everyone demands to know what triggered this crisis—and how it can be solved. With Starfinder Drift Crisis, you can dive right into this galaxy-spanning adventure and determine what happens next!
  • More than 100 new player options, from class options and themes to equipment, feats, and spells!
  • Twenty detailed adventure seeds that provide a framework for playing a framework for playing through dozens of Drift Crisis stories, whether in encounters, adventures, or entire campaigns.
  • Deep dives on the myriad effects of the Drift Crisis on factions, worlds, systems, and the galaxy at large.
  • A toolbox with a vast store of information for running adventures in the Drift Crisis, from dozens of unique treasures and 20 new creatures to rich nonplayer character profiles and information on adapting Adventure Paths.


p. 4
Chapter 1: The Drift Crisis
p. 6
Chapter 2: Adventures
p. 56
  • Overview
  • Alluvion Fractures
  • Pahtra Independence
  • Beacons of War
  • Corpse Fleet Opportunists
  • Absalom Station Refugees
  • Chaos on Absalom Station
  • Trifold Response
  • Drift Crash
  • Interlocking Circles
  • Blazing Speeds
  • Swarm Salvation
  • Spectra, Corrupted
  • Drift in Reverse
  • When One Becomes Three
  • Decoding the Storm
  • Broken Beacons
  • Lost in the Void
  • Stabilization Protocol
  • The Apocalypse Pod
  • Cracks in the Cosmos
Chapter 3: Toolbox
p. 140
  • Overview
  • Drift Crisis Conclusions
  • Creatures
  • Drift Architects
  • NPC Profiles
  • Secret Treasures
  • Adventure Paths in Crisis
p. 188


Drift Crisis includes descriptions and rules for the following artifacts: