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Christopher Paul Carey

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Christopher Paul Carey

Editor (2008–2013)
Associate Editor (2013–2015)
Senior Editor (2015–2019)
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Christopher Paul Carey was an editor at Paizo Inc. He has authored numerous works of speculative fiction, including a number of collaborations with Hugo award-winning author Phillip Jose Farmer and an authorized sequel to Edgar Rice Burroughs's The Moon Maid. While his editorial eye has graced most Paizo products since 2008, as a freelancer Carey has contributed to the Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Pathfinder Comics, and Pathfinder Tales product lines.

Carey left Paizo in January 2019.1

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Codex of Worlds: Topkehi b"Codex of Worlds: Topkehi b" 1903 March 2019 Soldiers of Brass, 62.
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