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Joe Pasini

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Joe Pasini

Editor (2017)
Developer (2017–2019)
Starfinder Lead Developer (2019–2022)
Lead Designer (Games) (2022–Present)
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Joe Pasini is a developer at Paizo Inc. focusing on Starfinder.

Starfinder Credits

Adventure Credits

Title Date Notes
Drift and Alluvion, The"The Drift and Alluvion" 1802 February 2018 The Ruined Clouds, 46.
Alien Archives 7"Alien Archives" #7 1808 August 2018 The Reach of Empire.
Alien Archives 8"Alien Archives" #8 1809 September 2018 Escape from the Prison Moon.
Sun Divers 1904 April 2019 Dawn of Flame #3. Also wrote "Starship: Sun Diver," "Noma," and contributed to the Alien Archives for the volume.
Professional Courtesy 2101 January 2021 Fly Free or Die #3. Also wrote "Starship: EJ Corp Negotiator," "Aquatic Adventures," and contributed to the Alien Archives for the volume.
Prophecies of Kalistrade, The"The Prophecies of Kalistrade" 2102 February 2021 The White Glove Affair, 46.
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Sourcebook Credits

Title Date Notes
Alien Archive 1710 October 2017
Alien Archive 2 1810 October 2018
Beginner Box 1904 April 2019
Alien Archive 3 1908 August 2019
Character Operations Manual 1911 November 2019
Near Space (sourcebook) 2003 March 2020
Starship Operations Manual 2007 July 2020
Alien Archive 4 2012 December 2020
Galaxy Exploration Manual 2106 June 2021
Interstellar Species 2211 November 2022
Ports of Call 2305 May 2023
Starfinder Enhanced 2310 October 2023
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Fiction Credits

Title Date Notes
Velloro"Velloro" 1910 October 2019 Meet the Iconics. Link
Hail of Bullets, A"A Hail of Bullets" 1910 October 2019 Iconic Encounters. Link
Radio Silence"Radio Silence" 2002 February 2020 Tales from the Drift. Link
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