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Sammy Khalid

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Sammy Khalid

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Sammy Khalid is a freelance artist who has contributed to Paizo Inc.

Starfinder Credits

Art Credits

Title Date Notes
Last Refuge, TheThe Last Refuge 1909 September 2019 Attack of the Swarm! #2
Huskworld 1910 October 2019 Attack of the Swarm! #3
Forever Reliquary, TheThe Forever Reliquary 1911 November 2019 Attack of the Swarm! #4
Hive of Minds 1912 December 2019 Attack of the Swarm! #5
Chimera Mystery, TheThe Chimera Mystery 2002 February 2020 The Threefold Conspiracy #1
Attack of the Swarm! Pawn Collection 2004 April 2020
Hollow Cabal, TheThe Hollow Cabal 2005 May 2020 The Threefold Conspiracy #4
Cradle Infestation, TheThe Cradle Infestation 2006 June 2020 The Threefold Conspiracy #5
Puppets Without Strings 2007 July 2020 The Threefold Conspiracy #6
Dominion's End 2010 October 2020 The Devastation Ark #3
Threefold Conspiracy Pawn Collection, TheThe Threefold Conspiracy Pawn Collection 2010 October 2020
Devastation Ark Pawn Collection, TheThe Devastation Ark Pawn Collection 2102 February 2021
Fly Free or Die Pawn Collection 2108 August 2021
Before the Storm 2206 June 2022 One-Shot #4
Redshift Rally 2207 July 2022
Drift Crisis Case Files 2303 March 2023
Starfinder Enhanced 2310 October 2023
See also: Category:Artwork by Sammy Khalid


See also: Category:Artwork by Sammy Khalid