Before the Storm

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Before the Storm
Before the Storm.
Author(s) Jason Tondro
Publisher Paizo Inc.
Price PDF: $5.00
Released June 1, 2022
Type Starfinder One-Shot
Binding PDF
Rules set SFRPG
Series Starfinder One-Shot
Follows System Takedown
Extras Pregenerated characters
Artwork from Before the Storm

Before the Storm, a Starfinder One-Shot by Jason Tondro, was released on June 1, 2022.

During a routine shuttle trip through the Drift, a group of heroes come across another vessel attempting to outrun a mysterious shockwave. Following a devastating impact, both ships are cast adrift but the heroes can't signal for help! With no other option but to board the other drifting vessel to send a distress signal, the heroes quickly find themselves contending with all manner of strange creatures and events. Yet, the deeper the heroes journey, the more they learn about the very beginnings of an event that will change the Starfinder setting!