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(Magic item)

The Starstone is a magical artifact dating to before the Gap that is now part of the Starstone Reactor on Absalom Station in the Pact Worlds system. It provides huge amounts of free power to the station and acts as an incredibly powerful Drift beacon, allowing Drift engine-powered ships from across the galaxy to travel there in very short time.1


The Starstone is believed to be the same object that was once located in the city of Absalom on Golarion, where it was known to have allowed mortals such as Iomedae to ascend to godhood.23


Besides acting as a powerful Drift beacon, the Starstone also provides Absalom Station with enormous amounts of free power, a phenomenon that even the priests of Triune can't explain.4


The Strong Absalom movement believes that the Starstone is the sole property of Golarion's refugee races (humans, dwarves, etc.), and that all others should either be heavily taxed for using it as a Drift beacon, or else be completely forbidden from using it.5

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