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The salamander Sulphrax.
Type Outsider
(extraplanar, fire)
CR 6
Environment Any warm (Plane of Fire)

Source: Soldiers of Brass, pg(s). 60
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Salamanders are a species of warlike, technologically-minded outsiders from the Plane of Fire.[1]


Salamanders typically live in fortresses along the coasts of the Plane of Fire. They are frequently called to the Material Plane by mortals seeking their service, or sometimes come there themselves if fire or heat is prevalent. Salamander colonies can be found on geothermic or volcanic planets.[1] Prior to the Gap, many left the Plane of Fire to avoid persecution by the efreet, moving to the Material Plane or seeking refuge with the demon lord Flauros in the Abyss. When the efreet fell into turmoil caused by the Gap, salamanders have returned home in increasing numbers, and now live in independent settlements in the fringes of the Plane of Fire, or serve as advisers, artisans and specialists in more settled regions.[2]


Salamanders are renowned crafters and warriors, and can easily find work as mercenaries across the Great Beyond. They construct multitools, nanotech-infused melee weapons capable of quickly being reconfigured to other forms.[1]


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