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Year of Scoured Stars

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The Year of Scoured Stars is the first season of the Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild campaign, which takes its name from the Scoured Stars Incident. Regular scenarios that were part of this season were published from August 2017 through May 2019.

The Year of Scoured Stars is divided into two parts:1


Players can choose to advance the agenda of a faction during each scenario and receive rewards as their reputation grows with each faction.2

Metaplot overview

After taking time to regroup and rebuild after the Scoured Stars Incident, First Seeker Luwazi Elsebo announced the Starfinder Society would continue researching the Scoured Stars in the hopes of reuniting with the lost Starfinder Society members there as well as better understanding the phenomenon. 3

Season 1 releases

This table can be sorted by scenario number, title, level range, scenario tags, briefing officer, notes, or location.

SFS# Title Levels Faction/tags Officer Notes/plot Location
Part 1 - New Beginnings
0-01 Into the Unknown 1 Quest, Repeatable, Starship Arvin Investigate a distress beacon. Absalom Station, The Drift, Ulmarid
1-00 Claim to Salvation 4 - Luwazi Elsebo Explore a false moon. Salvation's End, Varos (Bretheda)
1-01 Commencement, TheThe Commencement 1-2 Repeatable, Vehicle Guidance Prove your worth to faction leaders. Absalom Station
1-02 Fugitive on the Red Planet 1-4 - Arvin Find a Starfinder deserter. Akiton
1-03 Yesteryear's Truth 1-4 Starship, Wayfinders Arvin Explore a long-ago devastated world. Elytrio
1-04 Cries From the Drift 1-4 Exo-Guardians, Starship Zigvigix Recover a derelict starship. Drift
1-05 The First Mandate 1-4 Acquisitives, Second Seekers (Luwazi Elsebo) Luwazi Elsebo, Radaszam Protect a Starfinder gala.
Begins the Year of Scoured Stars metaplot arc.
Absalom Station
1-06 A Night in Nightarch 3-6 - Naiaj Recover a stolen arms shipment. Apostae
1-07 The Solar Sortie 1-4 Dataphiles, Starship Historia-7 Secure a socialite's information. The Sun
1-08 Sanctuary of Drowned Delight 3-6 Wayfinders Fitch Reclaim a disused Starfinder lodge. Arniselle
1-09 Live Exploration Extreme! 1-4 - Luwazi Elsebo Explore a false moon for a live audience. Salvation's End
1-10 The Half-Alive Streets 1-4 - Arvin Uncover the source of deadly augmentations. Absalom Station
1-11 In Pursuit of the Scoured Past 3-6 Second Seekers (Luwazi Elsebo) Luwazi Elsebo Research the history of the Scoured Stars. (Metaplot) Athaeum
1-12 Ashes of Discovery 1-4 Repeatable, Starship Guidance Recover a distant lost outpost. Colony-753
1-13 On the Trail of History 3-6 Second Seekers (Luwazi Elsebo), Starship Luwazi Elsebo Follow up leads from Athaeum. (Metaplot) Izalraan
1-14 Star Sugar Heartlove!!! 3-6 Dataphiles, Exo-Guardians Historia-7 Attend a concert; contact an informant. The Diaspora
1-15 Save the Renkrodas 3-6 Acquisitives, Vehicle Radaszam Defend a conservation charity gala. Castrovel
1-16 Dreaming of the Future 1-4 Quest, Repeatable, Starship Arvin Follow a Dreamer's clues. Aballon, The Diaspora, Preahan (Liavara), Verces
1-17 Reclaiming the Time-Lost Tear 5-8 Second Seekers (Luwazi Elsebo) Luwazi Elsebo Retrieve a vital artifact. (Metaplot) Repository (Izal-4)
1-18 The Blackmoon Survey 1-4 - Arvin Stop archeological workers' disappearing. Eox
1-19 To Conquer the Dragon 5-8 Starship Naiaj Strike against a draconic adversary. Triaxus
1-20 Duskmire Accord 9 1-4 - Kunoris Vex Decide which faction to support inside a simulation vault. Salvation's End
1-99 The Scoured Stars Invasion 1-8 Second Seekers (Luwazi Elsebo) multiple Rescue the trapped Starfinders.
Concludes Part 1 of the Year of Scoured Stars.
Scoured Stars
Part 2 - The Jinsul Threat
1-21 Yesteryear's Sorrow 3-6 Exo-Guardians Zigvigix Search an underground bunker for abandoned weapons. Elytrio
1-22 The Protectorate Petition 1-4 - Arvin Investigate Copaxi society and advise on their petition. Tabrid Minor
1-23 Return to Sender 5-8 Acquisitives, Dataphiles Historia-7, Radaszam Complete a dangerous mission in the heart of Jinsul space. (Metaplot) Scoured Stars
1-24 Siege of Enlightenment 1-4 Starship Arvin Catalog a former empire's ruins; navigate rising political tensions. Sansorgis
1-25 The Beacon Code Dilemma 3-6 Repeatable Naiaj Help the Church of Triune find an ancient starship. The Drift
1-26 Truth of the Seeker 3-6 Second Seekers (Jadnura) Eshki Metaplot Idari
1-27 King Xeros of Star Azlant 5-8 Starship Naiaj - Azlanti Star Empire
1-28 It Rests Beneath 1-4 Wayfinders, Vehicle Fitch - Vabaimus
1-29 Honorbound Emissaries 7-10 Second Seekers (Luwazi Elsebo) Luwazi Elsebo Metaplot Kreiholm Freehold
1-30 Survivor's Salvation 1-4 Exo-Guardians Zigvigix - Absalom Station
1-31 Treading History's Folly 3-6 Second Seekers (Jadnura) Jadnura Metaplot Kukanou-2b
1-32 Acts of Association 1-4 Repeatable Chiskisk - Absalom Station
1-33 Data Breach 3-6 Dataphiles Historia-7 - Verces
1-34 Heart of the Foe 3-6 Second Seekers (Jadnura, Luwazi Elsebo) Luwazi Elsebo, Jadnura Metaplot Rax
1-35 Rasheen's Riches 5-8 Acquisitives, Starship Radaszam - Aratrosim
1-36 Enter the Ashen Asteroid 1-4 - Thromkendal - The Diaspora
1-37 Siege of Civility 5-8 Wayfinders Fitch Builds on 1-24 Siege of Enlightenment Gideron Authority
1-38 The Many Minds of Historia 5-8 Dataphiles, Exo-Guardians Zigvigix Metaplot Absalom Station
1-39 The Herald's War 7-10 Second Seekers (Jadnura, Luwazi Elsebo), Starship Luwazi Elsebo, Jadnura Metaplot Kreiholm Freehold
1-98 Into the Perplexity 5-6 Exclusive unknown unknown unknown
2-00 Fate of the Scoured God 1-12 Second Seekers (Jadnura, Luwazi Elsebo), Exclusive, Repeatable (by subtier), Starship Strike the final blow against the jinsul.
Concludes the Year of Scoured Stars.
Scoured Stars


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