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Any vacuum or gas giant
Source: Alien Archive, pg(s). 88-89
(Starsip frame)

Source: Alien Archive, pg(s). 89
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Oma, sometimes nicknamed space whales, are massive whales that live in outer space and are known for their magnificent songs.1


A typical oma is 150 feet long and weighs 250 tons. In place of teeth, they have energy baleens which are used to filter food. Their stomachs are surprisingly habitable.1


Oma usually feed on energy, nutrients and careless lightning elementals in the ring systems and atmospheres of gas giants. Though usually solitary, pods of oma are known to migrate together on a particular mysterious schedule. Sometimes, a massive number of oma can be seen gathering in the rings around a planet. Oma are generally docile and have been seen herding stranded starships to civilisation.12

When dying, a typical oma travels to a gas giant, enters orbit and sings a final telepathic dirge.1


Oma magically project electromagnetic fields that shield them from the vacuum and the inhospitable environment where they feed. When attacked, oma can unleash an energy burst that disables most starship power cores. Various governments have tried and failed to reverse engineer this ability.1

The most commonly known and least understood feature of oma is their telepathic starsong, which can be heard across the vacuum of space. They can only be described as slow, mournful, crooning and nostalgic when remembered; the finer details of a particular song is never agreed upon by different listeners. No linguistic attempt to decipher them has been successful. According to the poet-whales of Triaxus, the patterns represent a complete but anachronic and stylised oral history of the universe.1

As starships

Barathus once used oma as living starships, telepathically directing them from within their stomachs. With advances in bioengineering, oma starships are now rare and only used when the barathus want to make an impression.1

Freshly dead oma corpses can be secured, preserved and refitted into a ship frame which is rather poorly suited to Drift travel due to its organic nature.1


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