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Security robot
A patrol-class security robot.

Any urban
Source: First Contact, pg(s). 13

Security robot is a catch-all term for the many models of manufactured security and enforcement robots. They come in numerous different models, customised by both the manufacturer and consumer.12


Most security robots inhabit urban areas to defend property and residents. On Absalom Station, some residents complain that the best-equipped robots are limited to the station's wealthiest areas, a disparity that AbadarCorp executives are reluctant to address if it cuts into the bottom line.1

Unlike military robots, most security robots are programmed to protect the innocent and avoid doing harm unless absolutely necessary. However, errors in their programming or computer viruses can lead them into committing murderous rampages and spreading their corruption to other robots through their nanites. Manufacturers, unwilling to maintain their own disassembly force (as doing so is an implicit acknowledgement of the flaws of their products), usually hire mercenaries to deal with the rogue robots.12


Security robots are sometimes acquired by less-upstanding people, often to reprogram and subvert them for their own protection. These robots are typically modified to indicate their ownership, whether through markings or more disturbing modifications, though some are kept as close to stock as possible for their potential use in infiltrating their official counterparts.1

The laws permitting ownership of security robots vary from planet to planet, and the issues of rights-to-weapons and planetary sovereignty are controversial, so the Pact Worlds government usually looks the other way, and security robots can be bought on the black market with almost no regulation if one is willing to pay enough.2


Known classes of security robots include:

  • The Observer-class, small, flying robots designed to record information.2
  • The Patrol-class, a humanoid model with stronger weapons and armour.2
  • The Terminator-class, an expensive model favoured by rich or public firms.3


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