Adjutant robot

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Adjutant robot
An adjutant robot

Source: The Reach of Empire, pg(s). 59

Adjutant robots are an ancient model of robots formerly manufactured by the Azlanti Star Empire as scribes, valets, secretaries, and spies for its officers.1


Most adjutant robots are humanoid, with four arms capable of handling multiple physical tasks simultaneously. Each carries an integrated weapon, tracks in place of feet, and a slot for an aeon stone which provides the robot with magical protection instead of any of the aeon stone's normal benefits.1


The first adjutant robots were manufactured before the Gap by a robotics firm loyal to the Star Empire, and their presence on all large starships and military engagements was quickly mandated by the Aeon Throne. Azlanti officers were initially pleased with their aid until rumour had it (correctly) that the robots pulled double duty as assistants for them as well as spies for the Aeon Throne, sending reports about their assigned officers to loyalty evaluators. Suspicious officers began to devise ways to circumvent their adjutant robots, modifying them so they would only transmit information favourable to themselves and unfavourable to their rivals.1

The Azlanti Star Empire eventually ceased manufacturing and assigning adjutant robots; the reason why is lost to the Gap. Some adjutant robots persist at the Star Empire's fringes, maintaining their old vigils or assisting and sending information about the descendants of the governors they were originally assigned to.1


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