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Starfinder Adventure

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Paizo's Starfinder Adventure product line is an ongoing series of adventures that can stand alone or fit well in any Starfinder campaign. Pathfinder Adventures are books featuring short, but challenging, adventures designed for 2-4 session games within the Starfinder campaign setting.


Cover Title Release Date Author Level Location Special Designation
Skitter Shot.jpg Skitter Shot Skitter Shot 20190618 June 18, 2018 Keeley Jason Keeley 02 2nd Vast Free RPG Day
Skitter Crash.jpg Skitter Crash Skitter Crash 20190615 June 15, 2019 Keeley Jason Keeley 03 3rd Vast Free RPG Day
Skitter Home.jpg Skitter Home Skitter Home 20200725 July 25, 2020 Keeley Jason Keeley 03 3rd Vesk-3 Free RPG Day
Junker's Delight.jpg Junker's Delight Junker's Delight 20210805 August 5, 2021 Keeley Jason Keeley and Misha Bushyager 03 1st Akiton
The Liberation of Locus-1.jpg Liberation of Locus-1, The The Liberation of Locus-1 20211013 October 13, 2021 Sims Chris S. Sims 03 4th Locus-1
The Starfinder Four vs. The Hardlight Harlequin.jpg Starfinder Four vs. The Hardlight Harlequin, The The Starfinder Four vs. The Hardlight Harlequin 20211016 October 16, 2021 Liddell Lyz Liddell and Landon Winkler 04 4th Free RPG Day
Skitter Warp.jpg Skitter Warp Skitter Warp 20220723 July 23, 2022 Keeley Jason Keeley 05 5th Free RPG Day
Redshift Rally.jpg Redshift Rally Redshift Rally 20220727 July 27, 2022 Keeley Jessica Catalan 07 7th Absalom Station, Pact Worlds
To Defy the Dragon.webp To Defy the Dragon To Defy the Dragon 20221116 November 16, 2022 Keeley Kendra Leigh Speedling 10 10th Genrovis
Drift Crisis Case Files.jpg Drift Crisis Case Files Drift Crisis Case Files 20230323 March 23, 2023 Nelson Dave Nelson, Emily Parks, and Andrew White 11 11th Absalom Station
Operation Seaside Park.jpg Operation Seaside Park Operation Seaside Park 20230624 June 24, 2023 Jarzabski Jenny Jarzabski 3 3rd Castrovel Free RPG Day