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Starfinder Bounty

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Paizo's Starfinder Bounty product line is an ongoing series of short, introductory scenarios that can be played for Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild credit, or simply as short, casual, standalone adventures. Pathfinder Bounties are digital products designed for 1-2 hour games within the Starfinder campaign setting.1


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Cover Title Release date Author Level Location
The Cantina Job.jpg Cantina Job, The The Cantina Job 20220126 January 26, 2022 Godek John Godek III 01 1st Absalom Station
Test Flight.jpg Test FlightTest Flight 20220330 March 30, 2022 Bramnik Michael Bramnik 01 1st Absalom Station to Liavara
A Green Place.jpg Green Place, AA Green Place 20220427 April 27, 2022 Roberts Erin Roberts 01 1st Thamal, Verces
Poacher's Prize.jpg Poacher's PrizePoacher's Prize 20220727 July 27, 2022 Wolf Shan Wolf 01 1st Arkanen, Liavara
Echoes of Woe.jpg Echoes of WoeEchoes of Woe 20221026 October 26, 2022 Virk Ruvaid Virk 01 1st Castrovel
Songbird Rescue.jpg Songbird RescueSongbird Rescue 20221214 December 14, 2022 Heits Nicole Heits 01 1st Yashu-Indiri, Bretheda
Voyage on the River Between.jpg Voyage on the River BetweenVoyage on the River Between 20230222 February 22, 2023 Wall Skylar-James Wall 01 1st Diaspora
Lost Dragon's Legacy.jpg Lost Dragon's LegacyLost Dragon's Legacy 20230426 April 26, 2023 Bowser Brent Bowser 01 1st Triaxus
Burning Ambitions.jpg Burning AmbitionsBurning Ambitions 20230830 August 30, 2023 Southall Joel Southall 04 4th Burning Archipelago
Those Who Were Taken.jpg Those Who Were TakenThose Who Were Taken 20231129 November 29, 2023 Jeffers Sara Jeffers 04 4th Aballon
The Aucturn Dilemma.jpg Aucturn Dilemma, TheThe Aucturn Dilemma 20240131 January 31, 2024 Wright Basil Wright 04 4th Aucturn
Under Pressure.jpg Under Pressure 20240327 March 27, 2024 Salle Simone D. Sallé 04 4th Liavara


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