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Type Plant
CR 4
Environment Temperate or warm forests (Castrovel)
Images of ksariks

Source: First Contact, pg(s). 10

A ksarik is a plant-based quadruped native to Castrovel with psychic abilities.[1]


A ksarik resembles a 12-foot-long, four-legged corpse blossom, with a dorsal crest, long tail, vine-knotted face, and eyestalks that extend to the sides of its head.[1]


When its tentacles strike, they can absorb and emulate a creature's genetic code and psychic resonance. This lends them abilities of that creature, including languages, combat training, innate improvements to senses, or even the ability to fly.[1]


Ksariks are native to Castrovel, and evolved from corpse blossoms by absorbing psychic energies. They are aggressive, acid-spitting, pack-hunting carnivores that consume other species' genetic material and ecological niches, and some believe they evolved their unique absorption abilities during a past psychic war between lashuntas and formians. They reproduce via carrion spores, which infect creatures with dozens of seedlings that later dig their way out of their host's flesh.[1]