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Type Outsider
(devil, evil, extraplanar, lawful)
CR 7
Environment Any (Hell)

Source: Alien Archive 2, pg(s). 36
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Levalochs, also known as warmonger devils, are the efficient and absolutely loyal soldiers of Hell's armies.[1]


A levaloch consists of diabolical essence infused in a suit of armour made of dark metallic plates, scuttling upon six heavy, bladed, segmented legs. Its body is pierced with gleaming spikes studded with trophies, and has no internal structure at all. It wields a long trident in one arm and a barbed net in the other. Levalochs stand 10 feet tall and weigh 1 ton.[1]


Levalochs are passionate and logical at once, driven to promote Hell's order through bloodshed and finds no joy outside of battle.[1]


Levalochs command lesser devils from the front line. They are demanding and stern, but not dismissive of these devils: they are aware that a horde of lesser devils can accomplish something that a greater one can't. They have an impeccable grasp of tactics and strategy as well as a creativity and adaptability that respond well to unexpected situations.[1]

Levalochs prefer to destroy important targets first and cut off escape routes, preventing reinforcements from arriving. They try to conserve their troops to keep numerical superiority and avoid wasting their lives, and value devil troops over mortals.[1]

When the forces of Hell assault a planet, levalochs ride in the cargo of a dhalochar. They might either emerge from the dhalochar when it crashes on the planet, or be teleported from the dhalochar while it's still in orbit. They serve as the vanguard to pave the way for a bigger invasion.[1]

Levalochs are quite stealthy for something of their size and can infiltrate important locations with guile, either when preparing a world for diabolic conquest or when following a summoner's orders. They hide their motives well and their true allegiance lies with Hell, so they can easily take advantage of sloppily-worded contracts to sabotage missions that they determine to be not in Hell's best interests.[1]

In the Pact Worlds system

Mercenaries operating in the Pact Worlds speak of boot camps run by levalochs where amateur warriors can receive deluxe quality training in exchange for souls. Rumours also speak of a levaloch mercenary company willing to work for anyone that can pay, though these devils are also quick to take advantage of sloppy contracts in case of a conflict of interest with Hell.[1]

Levalochs are interested in weapon technologies and sometimes work in weapon firms as consultants. The corporate elite sees potential for more profit in hiring them, and are assured by lawyers that their contracts are tight.[1]


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