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Category pages help collect material of a similar kind together. Every page to which a particular category has been applied, for instance Category:Inns, can all be viewed at that category's page.

For help applying categories to an article, see the Categories help page. When you apply categories to an article, some of those categories may already exist and your new page will show these at the bottom in blue like Category:Help at the bottom of this help article. However, some of you categories may show in a red-coloured font like this: Category:Red text. This means you have selected a category that does not exist yet. This help page discusses creating those missing category pages.

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It is assumed that you are already familiar with basic wiki editing and that you know your way around a wiki.
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The category tree

The best place to start to consider your new category page is Category:Categories. This is the bottom of the category tree from which all subject branches start. Use the tree to consider where best your new category should reside. Then take a look at similar category pages and see how they are constructed and use this as a guide to how your new page should look.

Linking back to the main topic page

It is useful when navigating the wiki to have a link from a category page to the main page associated with that category. For instance a link from Category:Elf to the page for Elf. To effect this please add the following text to a category page, where Page is the name of the associated topic page:


For example, for the category Category:Elf, we have added the following text to the category page to provide a link to the page called Elf.


It looks like this on the page:

X/Y categories

A common category construct on the StarfinderWiki is the X/Y construct. This is where Y is a subcategory of X, for instance, Category:Varisia/Settlements, which lists all the settlements (Y) in Varisia (X). The format for these pages is standardized and should be followed when creating such a page so that your new category is correctly placed within the category tree. Currently on the StarfinderWiki, X may be a continent, a deity, a nation, an organization, a plane, a race, or a settlement. The following sections discuss each X in turn. After an introduction, each type of category page that might be created for a particular X is highlighted in red text. Immediately below that is the structure needed to create that page in a light box with a dotted border. Please cut and paste that text into your new category page and substitute the correct proper names for your page. For example, if the code contains 'N/Settlements' and the nation with which you are concerned is Varisia, then substitute 'Varisia' for 'N'.


As the number of continents on Golarion is known to be eight, the category pages for all the continents have already been made. This section records the rationale behind the structure adopted. If you are interested, the list of the known continents is recorded here: Category:Continents.

For continents, 4 types of category page exist:

C is Continent
  1. Category:C
  2. Category:C/Geography
  3. Category:C/Inhabitants
  4. Category:Nations of C

This is how each category page is written for a Continent (C):




[[Category:C| Geography]]
[[Category:Geography by continent]]


[[Category:C| Inhabitants]]
[[Category:Inhabitants by continent]]

Category:Nations of C

[[Category:Nations by continent|C]]


The following categories are used for deity associated material within the StarfinderWiki:

D is Deity
  1. Category:D
  2. Category:D/Armor
  3. Category:D/Followers
  4. Category:D/Holidays
  5. Category:D/Locations
  6. Category:D/Organizations
  7. Category:D/Servants
  8. Category:D/Temples
  9. Category:D/Weapons


Select all that apply from the list below to define the deity.


[[Category:Major deities]] 

[[Category:Minor deities]] [[Category:Outer Gods]]

[[Category:Archdaemons]] [[Category:Archdevils]] [[Category:Demon lords]]  [[Category:Eldest]] [[Category:Elemental lords]] 
[[Category:Empyreal lords]] [[Category:Great Old Ones]] [[Category:Infernal dukes]] [[Category:Malebranche]] 
[[Category:Protean lords]] [[Category:Whore queens]] 

[[Category:Dead deities]] 


[[Category:D| Armor]]
[[Category:Armor by deity]]


[[Category:D| Followers]]
[[Category:Inhabitants by religion]]


[[Category:D| Holidays]]


[[Category:D| Locations]]
[[Category:Locations by deity]]


[[Category:D| Organizations]]
[[Category:Organizations by deity]]


[[Category:D| Servants]]
[[Category:Inhabitants by religion]]


[[Category:D| Temples]]


[[Category:D| Weapons]]
[[Category:Weapons by deity]]


For a nation, 8 categories may exist today. For some nations, a regional category also exists and that is dealt with below. Additionally, the special case of historical nations is discussed below.

N is Nation
  1. Category:N
  2. Category:N/Geography
  3. Category:N/History
  4. Category:N/Inhabitants
  5. Category:N/Locations
  6. Category:N/Nature
  7. Category:N/Organizations
  8. Category:N/Settlements

This is how each category should be written for nation (N) on Continent (C):


[[Category:Nations of C]]


[[Category:N| Geography]]
[[Category:Geography by nation]]


[[Category:N| History]]
[[Category:History by nation]]


[[Category:N| Inhabitants]]
[[Category:Inhabitants by nation]]


[[Category:N| Locations]]
[[Category:Locations by nation]]


[[Category:N| Nature]]
[[Category:Nature by nation]]


[[Category:N| Organizations]]
[[Category:Organizations by nation]]


[[Category:N| Settlements]]
[[Category:Settlements by nation]]

Regions, Counties, Kingdoms, etc.

N/Archduchies (for Cheliax)
N/Counties (for Ustalav)
N/Kingdoms (for the Lands of the Linnorm Kings)
N/Provinces (for Minkai)
N/Regions (e.g., for River Kingdoms)
N/Mahajanapadas (for Vudra)

For the main [[Category:N/Regions]] page, the following format would be used to create the category page, substituting 'Regions' with 'Counties', 'Kingdoms', etc., as needed:

[[Category:N| Regions]]

For a subregion (SUB) of a nation (N) for the page [[Category:SUB]] use the following format for the contents of the page:

[[Category:N/'Subregion Type']]

For a particular subregion (SUB) of a nation (N) the following is a general guide to a page required called [[Category:SUB/y]]:

[[Category:SUB| y]]

For example, for the county of Caliphas in the nation of Ustalav:

The Category:Caliphas page would just have the following contents:


Any pages about Caliphas in the Caliphas/y format would follow this pattern for content, using Category:Caliphas/Settlements as an example:

[[Category:Caliphas| Settlements]]

Historical nations

For Historical Nations, the pattern should be pretty much the same for all the /y subcategories. There is a difference, however, for [[Category:HN]], where HN is the historical nation. In this case the page should be created as follows:

[[Category:Historical nations]]
[[Category:Nations of C]]


For an organization, just 3 categories are generally used. Some organizations take special categories like the Starfinder Society and the Hellknights.

O is Organization
  1. Category:O
  2. Category:O/Locations
  3. Category:O/Members

Category:O needs to be placed into:

  1. all the categories that are chosen for it in its corresponding article, such as Category:Asmodeus/Organizations or Category:Absalom/Organizations;
  2. any applicable collections of organizations: such as Category:Thieves' guilds and Category:Noble houses.

So for the Thin Wisps organization, for example, in which the main article is categorized as follows:

[[Category:Thin Wisps]]
[[Category:Neutral organizations]]
[[Category:Thieves' guilds]]

The page Category:Thin Wisps would be categorized like this:

{{Main|Thin Wisps}}
[[Category:Thieves' guilds]]

Category:Organizations should be reserved only for organizations that do not fit into any other subcategory.

The following text may be cut and pasted for the organization, the inapplicable lines deleted and the correct details completed. Multiple lines of the same type of subcategory are permitted, for example, if an organization had a split HQ over two settlements or was strongly associated with more than one race.

D is Deity; N is Nation; P is Plane; R is Race; S is Settlement


[[Category:Thieves' guilds]]
[[Category:Noble houses]]


[[Category:O| Locations]]
[[Category:Locations by organization]]


[[Category:O| Members]]
[[Category:Inhabitants by organization]]

Then deal with the special subcategories appropriately by following suit , e.g., Category:Starfinder Society/Venture-captains.


For a plane, the following 6 categories are needed and maybe other special categories for a particular plane.

  1. Category:P
  2. Category:P/Geography
  3. Category:P/Inhabitants
  4. Category:P/Locations
  5. Category:P/Organizations
  6. Category:P/Settlements

This is how each category should be written for a plane (P). There are also extra lines for adding if the category being created is a demiplane resident in a parent plane (PP); these lines should not be used for a major plane.


[[Category:Outer Sphere planes]] / [[Category:Inner Sphere planes]] / [[Category:Elemental Planes]] [[Category:Demiplanes]] 
<!-- delete the inappropriate ones -->
[[Category:PP/Locations]] <!-- use only for a demiplane that has a parent plane (PP) -->


[[Category:P| Geography]]
[[Category:Geography by plane]]
[[Category:PP/Geography]]<!-- delete this whole line if P is not a demiplane with a parent plane (PP) -->


[[Category:P| Inhabitants]]
[[Category:Inhabitants by plane]]
[[Category:PP/Inhabitants]]<!-- delete this whole line if P is not a demiplane with a parent plane (PP) -->


[[Category:P| Locations]]
[[Category:Locations by plane]]
[[Category:PP/Locations]]<!-- delete this whole line if P is not a demiplane with a parent plane (PP) -->


[[Category:P| Organizations]]
[[Category:Organizations by plane]]
[[Category:PP/Organizations]]<!-- delete this whole line if P is not a demiplane with a parent plane (PP) -->


[[Category:P| Settlements]]
[[Category:Settlements by plane]]
[[Category:PP/Settlements]]<!-- delete this whole line if P is not a demiplane with a parent plane (PP) -->

Planar layers, realms, etc.

These are handled by making any entity on a planar layer a member of both the planar layer and the parent plane. For instance, for inhabitants of the city of Diovengia in the Abyssal Realm of Pleroma, this would be how to create the category Category:Diovengia/Inhabitants:

[[Category:Diovengia| Inhabitants]]
[[Category:Inhabitants by settlement]]

So the inhabitant is a member of Diovengia, Pleroma and the Abyss.

Follow this pattern for any other '/Y' pages.

For actual planar layers themselves, there are no summary pages like Category:Inhabitants by settlement, so for these all we need is to make them a member of the parent plane, for example, using Pleroma:


[[Category:Pleroma| Inhabitants]]

For the category page of the actual layer, realm, etc., use the following format:



A race is defined on this wiki as a creature that can have individuality: it can be named as a distinct being. This is a much more loose definition than that made within the Starfinder Roleplaying Game where a Race is a creature that a PC could play. Please note that for all races the name of the race should be in the singular when it replaces the 'R' in the examples below.

For a race, R, there are several categories in use on this wiki:

  1. Category:R
  2. Category:R/Armor
  3. Category:R/Heritages
  4. Category:R/History
  5. Category:R/Inhabitants
  6. Category:R/Nations
  7. Category:R/Organizations
  8. Category:R/Settlements
  9. Category:R/Tribes
  10. Category:R/Weapons

There is an extra subcategory for humans:

Humans get ethnicities, but these are not in the R/Subcategory format but simply named by the ethnicity itself, e.g., Category:Vudrani, Category:Ulfen, etc.

Below is shown how each category should be written for Race (R) of Type (T) (a Type corresponds with the creature's type in the Starfinder RPG rules and could be Dragons, Humanoids, Animals, etc.). For races that are part of a 'family' of creatures, F, use the line with 'F' in it; if the creature is not part of a wider family then this line is not needed. Please see the section below for more information about 'families' of creatures.




[[Category:R| Armor]]
[[Category:Armor by race]]


[[Category:R| Heritages]]


[[Category:R| History]]
[[Category:History by race]]


[[Category:R| Inhabitants]]
[[Category:Inhabitants by race]]


[[Category:R| Nations]]
[[Category:Nations by race]]


[[Category:R| Organizations]]
[[Category:Organizations by race]]


[[Category:R| Settlements]]
[[Category:Settlements by race]]


[[Category:R| Tribes]]


[[Category:R| Weapons]]
[[Category:Weapons by race]]

Human ethnicities

For each human ethnicity, the category should be written so:


Creature families

Some races form part of a 'family' of creatures, for instance, metallic dragons. For each family, F, the category, Category:F, should be written to include a line like this: [[:Category:'Type']], where 'Type' is the Type of creature to which the family belongs corresponding with the creature's type in the Starfinder RPG rules. In our example of metallic dragons, the Type would be Dragons. So, the category Category:Metallic dragon would be written thus:


Creature families should be written in the singular, for instance, Category:Metallic dragon not Category:Metallic dragons.


If someone creates an article about a settlement, they may set up some 6 categories for categorizing information about it:

  1. Category:S
  2. Category:S/Districts for larger settlements; see below for more detail
  3. Category:S/History
  4. Category:S/Holdings
  5. Category:S/Inhabitants
  6. Category:S/Locations
  7. Category:S/Organizations

This is how each category should be written for a Settlement (S) in Nation (N):




[[Category:S| Districts]]


[[Category:S| History]]
[[Category:History by settlement]]


[[Category:S| Holdings]]


[[Category:S| Inhabitants]]
[[Category:Inhabitants by settlement]]


[[Category:S| Locations]]


[[Category:S| Organizations]]

City districts

For a City District (CD) in Settlement, S, for its category page [[Category:CD]] use the following format for the contents of the page:


For a City District (CD) in Settlement, S, the following is a general guide to a required category page of the format [[Category:CD/y]]:

[[Category:CD| y]]

For example, using the city district called the The Coins in Absalom, the category page for Category:The Coins/Locations would look like this:

[[Category:The Coins| Locations]]

Other commonly required category pages

The following are often needed to be added to the Wiki when new art or a Paizo publication is added. Often, we place a {{Main}} template to give direct access to the subject's wiki page. Many of these categories also use the {{DEFAULTSORT}} template; this template enforces how its category page is alphabetized on other pages. This is useful because many of the category names below start with 'Images' or 'Artwork', for instance and the wiki would just place those pages under 'I' and 'A', respectively as a huge group. It is better, and more useful, to alphabetize under the subject of the image under discussion instead. Furthermore, we alphabetize by surname then Christian name. Finally, for alphabetization, we always drop the article (The, A, An) from the start of any titles.


Category:Works starring actorname

[[Category:Works by actor]]

An example:

{{Main|Laurence Olivier}}
{{DEFAULTSORT:Olivier, Laurence}}
[[Category:Works by actor]]


We endeavour to keep the artwork we are allowed to use on this wiki categorised in a number of ways to facilitate its use. We categorize by artist, source and subject, which are discussed here. We also categorize by licence and year, not discussed here, and by product line when applicable.

  • Category:Artwork by artistname
  • Category:Artwork by sourcename
  • Category:Images of subject

Category:Artwork by artistname

[[Category:Artwork by artist]]


{{Main|Wayne Reynolds}}
{{DEFAULTSORT:Reynolds, Wayne}}
[[Category:Artwork by artist]]

Category:Artwork by sourcename

[[Category:Artwork by source]]

An example:

{{Main|The Inner Sea World Guide}}
{{DEFAULTSORT:Inner Sea World Guide}}
[[Category:Artwork by source]]

Category:Images of subject

In addition to the normal lines for such templates, if the art subject is a monster or creature, we add additional categories to show what type of creature it is. First, we add its Type (as defined by the creature's type in its stat block, rather than its non-mechanical traits), but in some cases we add a family of monsters that might also be useful. Examples are given below:

[[Category:Artwork by subject]]
[[Category:Images of subjectmonstertypes]]
[[Category:Images of aberrations]]
[[Category:Images of animals]]
[[Category:Images of demon lords]]
[[Category:Images of demons]]
[[Category:Images of devils]]
[[Category:Images of giants]]
[[Category:Images of hags]]
[[Category:Images of magical beasts]]
[[Category:Images of monstrous humanoids]]
[[Category:Images of outsiders]]
[[Category:Images of undead]]
[[Category:Images of vermin]]

An example of how this would work for a bugbear is as follows:

Category:Images of bugbears

[[Category:Artwork by subject]]
[[Category:Images of goblinoids]]
[[Category:Images of humanoids]]


Category:Works by authorname

[[Category:Works by author]]

An example:

{{Main|Mark Moreland}}
{{DEFAULTSORT:Moreland, Mark}}
[[Category:Works by author]]

Fictional character appearances

Category:Fictional character appearances

{{Appearances category|Character}}

So, as an example, Category:Varian Jeggare appearances is composed as follows:

{{Appearances category|Varian Jeggare}}

Unsure about categories?

If you have written an article and are unsure about which categories to apply, or simply want your categories double checked, or you wish someone to help with the creation of a new category, then please feel free to add this text at the bottom of your article in this format:

[[Category:Please check categories]]

This will flag to others that the article's categories need checking or adding. We hope that, soon thereafter, another wiki member will be along to help.