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All artwork posted on StarfinderWiki should be categorized. The following categorizations should apply to most images.

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Categorizing media file pages

The {{File}} template automatically categorizes artwork appropriately based on the information you provide. Use the {{File}} template in the Summary section of a media page. For example, File:Valeros.jpg includes the {{File}} template with relevant information and keywords, all of which apply appropriate categories. See the template's documentation for details.

The following guidelines apply if you must manually add additional categories that the template does not support.


If the artist of the given image is known, include it in the applicable category. Thus, the image File:Yithdul.jpg, created by artist Ben Wootten, belongs in Category:Artwork by Ben Wootten. If the artist is unknown, place the image in Category:Artwork by unknown artists.


Most of the images on the wiki come from official promotional sources, such as the Paizo Blog, and thus have a corresponding printed source. Thus, the image File:Yakmar.jpg, printed in Crucible of Chaos, belongs to Category:Artwork from Crucible of Chaos. For artwork used in multiple sourcebooks, categorize the artwork for each source. If the image is fan art or created specifically for the wiki, include it in Category:Unpublished artwork.


Similar to the source categorization, the year categorization applies to the date of first printed publication. Thus, File:Merlokrep.jpg, which first appeared in 2007's Crown of the Kobold King, belongs in Category:2007 artwork. If art is reused, categorize it only by the date of first publication.


In many cases, several images exist for a given subject. For example, File:Sarenrae holy symbol.jpg and File:Sarenrae portrait.jpg both relate to the deity Sarenrae, so they both belong to Category:Images of Sarenrae. Additionally, some images belong in multiple subject categories. Thus, File:Sarenrae holy symbol.jpg belongs in both Category:Images of holy symbols and Category:Images of Sarenrae.

Because most monsters or NPCs have a single piece of art, you do not need to create a category for each subject. Instead, you can use more general categories, such as race and class for NPCs and creature type. When in doubt, use the broadest possible categorization and someone else can categorize it more specifically if necessary.

Categorizing artwork categories

Unsure about categories?

If you have written an article and are unsure about which categories to apply, or simply want your categories double checked, then please feel free to add this text at the bottom of your article in this format:

[[Category:Please check categories]]

This will flag to others that the article's categories need checking or adding. We hope that, soon thereafter, another wiki member will be along to help.