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Articles about accessories can be about game accessories, like miniatures, cards, props, and maps.

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It is assumed that you are already familiar with basic wiki editing and that you know your way around a wiki.
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There are several infobox templates for different types of accessories:

Fill in as much information as you can. The template will know which fields you have left blank, and optional fields will not be displayed. You can refer to the template's documentation for more information about each field's purpose and usage.

Real-world information, trivia, and overall overview

Follow the template with any non-content based information about the product. This includes special conditions of publication or release, or if a particular product kicks off or ends a series or trend. For example:

The '''''Bestiary Box''''' is the first product in the [[Pathfinder Pawns]] product line. The ''Bestiary Box'' was released in August 2012 and features more than 250 unique pieces of art for creatures in the [[Pathfinder Roleplaying Game]] ''[[Bestiary]]''. It contains more than 300 numbered chipboard pawns printed with full-color artwork, twenty 1-inch plastic bases, ten 2-inch plastic bases, and five 3-inch plastic bases.

No header is needed for this information, and it will appear above the table of contents to separate it from content-based information. If there is anything further to be said about the book in question, it can be presented here. This might include notable information, such as any reissue details, number of copies sold, whether this is the first product of its type, or anything else that might enhance the article. Remember to provide references where necessary.

You can also include the back-cover copy of the product if it has any. The Community Use Policy allows for the direct quoting of this copy from the Paizo Store page for the product. To quote this copy, use the {{Quote}} template:


| quote = The brutal beasts of the ''[[Pathfinder Roleplaying Game]] Bestiary'' ... }}

The brutal beasts of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Bestiary ...

Remember to link pertinent information in this copy to wiki articles that can provide additional context.


Some accessories—particulary Pathfinder Cards and Pawns—include lists of their contents.

For cards and pawns, you can list these contents with the {{Multi-column numbered list}} template. See the template's documentation for help.

For miniatures, use tables to display information and images about each mini. See one of the Pathfinder Battles product pages, such as Heroes & Monsters, for an example.

Series templates

Most accessories are part of an ongoing series or product line. Include the relevant navbox template at the bottom of the page, below references and external links, to make navigation from product to product easier for other users.


All accessories should be added to various categories depending on their content. For instance, miniatures should belong to the Category:Miniatures category.

Many infobox templates that cover accessories automatically add many of these categories for you. For more information, see the infobox's documentation.

Authors and artists

Add a category for works by each author, for example:

If the category does not exist, check for alternate spellings of the author's name. For example, Sean K Reynolds is sometimes incorrectly credited with a period after his middle initial. As a rule of thumb, the author's name in the category title should be the same spelling as used in the article about that author. If there is no article about that author, use the most common spelling.

Most infobox templates offer features to automatically add these categories for you. Look for the authorn and artistn attributes in the infobox's documentation.


Include a category indicating the release year, such as Category:2014 miniatures.

Most infobox templates will automatically add a year category if you specify year and type attributes.

Product line

Additionally, each product should belong to a category indicating its product line, for example Category:Pathfinder Pawns or Category:Pathfinder Battles.

Some infobox templates will automatically add a product line category if you specify the line in the series attribute. Consult the infobox's documentation for help.

Unsure about categories?

If you have written an article and are unsure about which categories to apply, or simply want your categories double checked, then please feel free to add this text at the bottom of your article in this format:

[[Category:Please check categories]]

This will flag to others that the article's categories need checking or adding. We hope that, soon thereafter, another wiki member will be along to help.