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You can upload files to StarfinderWiki and embed them in articles. When a file is uploaded, StarfinderWiki creates a file page named after the filename and prefixed with "File:".

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Supported file types

By default, MediaWiki only allows you to upload certain types of files: extensions png, gif, jpg, jpeg, svg, and mp3. Files may be no larger than 50MB.


To upload a file, go to Special:Upload. In the menu on the left under "toolbox," this is the "Upload file" link.

Before uploading, please ensure that you have rights to upload and redistribute the file in question, and that they comply with any further licensing requirements. Please note that as with wiki pages, others may edit or delete your uploads if they think it serves the project, and you may be blocked from uploading if you abuse the system.

The preferred formats are JPEG for photographic images with millions of colors and shades; PNG for fixed-color pixelated images such as icons and images with transparency; SVG for structured drawings and logos; and MP3 for audio.

Once you get to the upload page, on most browsers you will see a "Browse..." button, which will bring up your operating system's standard file open dialog. Choosing a file will fill the name of that file into the text field next to the button. Upload the file under a suitable name. The file name doesn't need to be the same as the file name stored on your computer. Please name your files descriptively to avoid confusion and make sure that the file name has the proper extension. File names are case-sensitive (this applies even for the file name extension).

In the summary section, add the {{File}} template and fill the appropriate fields. This important template automatically and consistently formats information about files and categorizes files appropriately. For more information, consult the {{File}} template's documentation. For example, an image of Navasi, the iconic envoy, uses the following {{File}} template to note:

  • the file's copyright holder and year
  • its artist
  • its print and web sources
  • whether the image is used on a cover
  • a summary of the image
  • keywords for categorizing the image
| copy     = Paizo Inc.
| year     = 2016
| artist   = Remko Troost
| web      = {{Cite web
  | url    =
  | author = [[Chris Lambertz]]
  | page   = Paizo Blog
  | date   = November 18, 2016
  | title  = This is Not a Dream
| print    = 
| page     = 
| summary  = [[Navasi]], iconic [[human]] [[envoy]].
| keyword1 = Navasi
| keyword2 = iconics
| keyword3 = envoys
| keyword4 = humans

In the licensing dropdown, select an appropriate license. In general, images from Paizo blogs, product cover images from the Paizo store, and files from Community Use Packages use the Project:Community Use Policy; for detailed help selecting a license, see the Project:Copyrights and Help:Copyright on images articles.

You may opt to add the file page to your watchlist by checking Watch the File. You may also check the Ignore any warnings box to bypass any messages; however, we recommend paying attention to any warnings that appear.

Press the "Upload file" button to upload the file. This may take some time if you have a slow internet connection.

When a file is uploaded with the same name as an existing one, the system will warn you of the situation. Existing files may be replaced with updated versions; consult the file history on the file page to see when the image was uploaded, and if you're unsure, ask about replacing the file on the file page's talk page.

Using uploaded files

Images can be embedded into text using the regular internal link syntax:



Images can also be resized to fit better on the page:



They can be framed:




And captioned:

[[File:Wiki.png|60px|thumb|right|The logo.]]

As well as linked to a specific page:

The logo.
[[File:Wiki.png|60px|thumb|right|The logo.|link=StarfinderWiki]]

To link to a file rather than display it, prefix the file page reference with a colon:

[[:File:Wiki.png|Click here for an image of the StarfinderWiki logo.]]

Click here for an image of the StarfinderWiki logo.