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Moons, planetoids, artificial objects

A planet is a significant astronomical object with a stable orbit, typically around a star.1

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Types of planets

A floating city on the gas giant Liavara.
Gas giant
Often large in size, gas giants have little or no solid surface. Instead, they consist largely of swirling gases—mainly hydrogen and helium—in a dense atmosphere.2

Ice giant
Unlike gas giants, ice giants are composed of heavier elements—such as carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and sulfur—in solid or liquid form.3

Terrestrial planet
Terrestrial planets or rocky planets have a solid metallic core with a surrounding silicate rock mantle. The deeper parts of the mantle may or may not be molten, but the outer surface of the planet is solid.4

Interplanetary travel

Travel between planets is generally accomplished via spaceships and starships.56

Known planets

A structure on the planet Eox.


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