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{{Cosmos}} is for use in any article about an astronomical object in the Starfinder campaign setting. Some parameters are optional and can be left blank; if undefined, these optional parameters will not appear as part of the template. The recommended image size is a width of 250px so that it will completely fill the infobox without increasing its size.

This template is based upon the {{Nation}} template of this StarfinderWiki, which, in turn, is based upon the Book Template and the Deity Template located at the Forgotten Realms Wiki.


| image        = 
| name         = 
| titles       = 
| type         = 
| adjective    = 
| diameter     = 
| mass         = 
| gravity      = 
| atmosphere   = 
| day          = 
| year         = 
| orbits       = 
| system       = 
| satellites   = 
| inhabitants  = 
| organization = 
| source       = 
| page         = 
| imagesof     = 
| nocat        = 


image (optional)
An image or map of the astronomical object. The recommended size is 250px, but if larger the image should scale to fit the template.
name (optional)
The name of the astronomical object. If left empty or omitted, the default value is the page's name via {{PAGENAME}}. The template automatically categorizes the page in [[Category:(NAME)]].
titles (optional)
Titles or alternative names that represent the astronomical object.
type (optional)
The type of astronomical object described, such as Planet, Space station, Comet, Constellation, Moon, Star, Asteroid belt, etc., as wikitext. If type has a value, {{Cosmos}} categorizes the article into [[Category:types]]. If {{Cosmos}} also has a value for system, the template also categorizes the page into [[Category:system/types]].
adjective (optional)
The adjective used to describe entities of or pertaining or relating to the astronomical object.
diameter, mass, and gravity (optional)
The relative diameter, mass, and gravity of the astronomical object as compared to Castrovel, as an integer of the factor. For instance, if the diameter is listed as "×1" or "equal to Castrovel's", this parameter's value should be 1.
atmosphere (optional)
The atmosphere of the astronomical object. If known, describe its composition; if not, describe its general properties, such as "Breathable", "Noxious", or "Non-existent".
day (optional)
The length of the object's rotational period (day; the time taken for the object to complete one rotation on its axis) measured in Pact Standard Time.
year (optional)
The length of the object's orbital period (year; the time taken for the object to make one complete orbit around another object) measured in Pact Standard Time.
orbits (optional)
Link to an astronomical object that this object orbits, if any, using wikitext. Use this only for moons or other satellites; for planets orbiting a star, use system instead.
system (optional)
The solar system or other grouping of similar scale to which this object belongs. If {{Cosmos}} also has a value for type, the template also categorizes the page into [[Category:system/types]].
satellites (optional)
The names of the satellites of the astronomical object linked to their own page on the wiki, as a comma-separated list using wikitext (i.e. [[Titan]], [[Enceladus]], [[Mimas]]).
inhabitants (optional)
The most-commonly encountered inhabitants of the astronomical object.
organization (optional)
A comma-separated list of wikilinks to organizations or factions affiliated with this planet (i.e. [[Pact Worlds]], [[Starfinder Society]].
source & page (optional)
The link to the StarfinderWiki article on the source wherein the settlement was first mentioned, or from which the most information is available. Include the page number if possible.
imagesof (optional)
If the object "Images of ..." category goes by a different name than "Images of {{PAGENAME}}"--for instance, due to different pluralization--enter the name here. The value of this field is added in place of imagesof as follows: [[Category:Images of imagesof]]
nocat (optional)
Disables autocategorization.